[Excitement]: Do You Have Heart 2012?

The Best and Brightest shining MC’s in cyphers from all over in 2012, Bring the NOISE!!! Read more

[Excitement]: Do You Have Heart? Can Your Crew Compete?

Antuks Movement and Pittsburgh Step Up To The Plate. Bring The Noise!!! Some of the best artist compile their talents in a never ending lyrical circle called The Cypher. Check out some of the best… Read more

[Exposure] Shot Shellz Production

The Trinidad born C.E.O. Big Spree is one of the most hard working Hip Hop moguls in the Caribbean. He migrated to New York at age 4 where he resided in South Side Jamaica Queens. Notably his love for Hip Hop increased immensely via influences from rap artists like RUN DMC, LL Cool J, Nas, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep and other Queens natives. Read more

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