[Engineered] BBZ Darney Hot Swedish Producer

Meatballs and cars aren’t the only things Sweden is known for… Hip Hop is climbing the charts. B.B.Z Darney is making sure he’s reppin’ Sweden to the fullest. Read more

[Engineered] GA Dirt Productions

Representing Georgia so hard, he named himself after the state. This young man is making his way through the crowd. For many years he has sacrificed to perfect his art and Read more

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[Exposure] J. Reign Rapper/Producer

Born in the Windy City, the environment of the area in the “Wild 100’s” made him the artist that he is today. At just 3 years old, he moved to the Cuney Homes a popular housing project in Third Ward, Houston, Texas where he first got the feel of music. At 7 years old he moved back to Chicago, Illinois where he recognized his musical talents and really began paying attention to the craft. Read more

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