Jay Blahnik’s Boom Box

Q. What’s your stage and real name?
A. Stage Name: Jay Blahnik Real Name: Damon L. Humes

Q. How long have you been making music?
A. Since age 11

Q. Would you call yourself a producer or a dj?
A. I would label myself as a Recording Artist, Songwriter and Producer.

Q. What is your inspiration for your music?
A. Musicals and action films inspire me. Therefore, my music and live performances are epic Broadway-styled extravaganzas that are complete with storylines, plot sand climaxes.

Q. Where have you played, foreign and domestic?
A. I have performed in every major United States City as a Dancer and Recording Artist.

Q. What was the first event you ever played at/put on?
A. The first event that I ever played at as a recording artist was in 2010 at the House of Blahnik’s R-10 Ball Event. But I’ve been on stage performing in talent shows and other arts-based competitions since age 11. I directed my first major stage show in 2000; as the Artistic Director of Bodies in Motion Dance Company.

Q. What’s the best event you’ve played at/put on?
A. It’s extremely hard to select the best show that I ever directed because each of them was special and connected to memories that I cherish deeply. Some brought disappointment; which forced me to improve my skill or opened me up to exploring other creative elements. All of these lessons learned have collectively shaped my current music and performance style.
I must admit that I enjoy all facets of the performance process because throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to work with choreographers/dancers, producers, make-up artist, fashion designers that are extensions of my family. Each time we get together to plan, create or perform has SO much meaning, because they matter in my life. I also have been blessed to consistently receive lots of supports from my fans and followers; which allows me to connect spiritually and metaphysically with viewers. It’s a magical experience like no other; it is the TRUE Jay Blahnik experience!

Q. What big names have you played with or for?
A. It depends on “who” you consider to be a BIG name… I’ve worked with and helped to guide America’s Best Dance Crew stars, VOGUE EVOLUTION, Upstate All Stars, Bodies In Motion Performing Arts School and Dance Company, Karl Jackson (celebrity stylist), BET’s 106 & Park Winners: Devastation Dance Crew, R & B Princess Ashanti, Brice Vick and Fergie.

Q. Are you aspiring for a record deal or would you like to remain indie? and Why?
A. I currently have a recording and publishing contract with Tate Music Group; which allows me the freedom and flexibility to still work on the projects that I enjoy.

Q. How many songs have you under your belt?
A. I have three albums under my belt; with a slew of singles. I sometimes search YouTube and Google to find new remixes and songs that people have put out with my vocals on them. It’s an amazing feeling when I stumble on new music or a story in the press.

Q. When are you releasing an album? or when did you?
Boom Box Single (Whey Cooler & Jay Blahnik, 2013)
Rock Da Bellz Single (Whey Cooler & Jay Blahnik, 2012)
I Don’t Like You Album (Whey Cooler & Jay Blahnik, 2010)
Notorious/Watch OUT Album (Vjuan Allure & Jay Blahnik, 2006)

Q. Are there alot of hot artist where you are from?
A. I am only aware of a few. The artist that I hear most from my area are rarely excited about innovation. They just stick to the current music formats that dominate mainstream radio.

Q. What is the music scene like in your area?
A. It’s urban mainstream R & B and Pop.

Q. Which do you consider your music style: pop, techno, house, drum and basement…?
A. I consider my music dance music and pop. The House and Ball community have heavily influenced my musical style; who are responsible for the popular dance style known as Vogue. The Iconic Janet Jackson, who in my estimation is the ‘Blue Print’ for great live entertainment and performance, has heavily influenced me. She along with famed choreographers Mia Michaels and Barry Lather are among my favorites.

Q. What would or will you guys do to give back to the community?
A. For the past 17 years, I have led organizations and campaigns all across the United States that promote positive health seeking behaviors such as routine screenings for sexually transmitted infections. I have also worked with organizations that provide social and human service programs/interventions to at-risk youth; thus reducing adjudication, providing mentorship and that use the performing arts to reduce childhood obesity and keep kids off the streets, In 2006, I created the only scholarship to support continued educational attainment among LGBT people within the House and Ball community.

Q. What advice would you give young aspiring bands?
A. Be careful of who is in your inner circle. To be successful, you need the ongoing support of people who truly believe in your talents and gifts. People that will work towards your dream as if it is theirs too! When you find them, always take time to appreciate them for their contributions!

Q. Is there anything you would like to add?
A. I just wanted to personally thank you for this interview and opportunity to share my music with more people. I ask that everyone visits my website (www.JBlahnik.com) and download as many of my songs for FREE! Then press the “like” button, become a fan, and ask all of their friends and family to do the same. Lastly, download my new mobile phone application to stay up-to-date with my new music and video releases; as well as the most relevant news and information about live performances, appearances, contest and other free gifts from me.

Most importantly, thanks for taking my first single entitled, Boom Box, all the way to #1 on ReverbNation’s United States House Charts and #2 in the entire world. Follow me on the following social media sites:
Twitter: @BoomBox_Project
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiJq5WH4fJ8VJ1AXsqS-0zA
Check out the Boom Box Music Video at: ttp://youtu.be/RLlDYi7URdw

Q. Do you have any shout outs to give?
A. BIG shout outs to my partner in crime, SUPER Producer and friend, Whey Cooler of the Legendary Group, Pretty Poison. I cannot forget Mirelli Glambert who is always there promoting me and special acknowledgements to all of my supporters. My new LP entitled, Boom Box, is dedicated to the International Icon, Janet Jackson for the inspiration to create from an authentic place. Lastly, I could not have made it this far without the team at Jay Blahnik Entertainment and my mother. They have no idea how much they mean to me! Be sure to get the Boom Box LP on November 15, 2013.

[Exposure] EnterViews #1 – Smokey [of M.W.A.]

“Skills are great but with dreams I can get hills to bay
..Who needs the money, I wish my will’s in slate” – Smokey

This Indian rapper needs no introduction. He’s been in it from the start, right back from the Orkut “text-battling” scenarios, to the new and improved M.W.A. take-over of the southside. Following his versatile style of rhyming and his facetious personality, I had the opportunity to interview Him. His new song, “Basketball Story” will be releasing this month end.

Q. So, from “Smokey the Clown” to “Smokey the Ghost”..why the transition? and what do the fans need to know about this new persona?
A. “See, Smokey the Clown was a phase where i was trying to justify to myself about this person whom i miss a lot… I lost my 1st girl to cancer, whom i loved a lot. Thats what ” Return of the Clown ” was all about… After that, i sorta got over all of it. Suddenly, wanted to do Happy stuff. Concious stuff, Silly stuff… Make people laugh… tongue Diss somebody…smileSmokey the Ghost is that side of me thats MAD… Real crazy, a personal alter ego thats a serial killer tryna spread awareness.

Q. Its been a long time since We heard You last, what impact are You looking for in “Basketball Story”? What do You want the fans to expect?
A.Basketball story is Not the average song, not everyone is gonna like it… Its got a deeper side to it than just ” Basketball Story “. Its a play on life…  Here, im inviting listeners to IMAGINE.. Use their creative side, if u put urself in the place of the ” Kid “… Treat Basketball as LIFE ( metaphorically speaking )… The villan in the song as obsticles.. ull see what im talking about… Its got a secret message hidden inside…  Im bringing hip hop back..  Especially Underdogs in this game.. who feel left out n stuff… this is my msg to them..This is me”

Q. Give us insight on Your crew, M.W.A’s upcoming Debut Album “Red + Green = Brown”. Will we see a whole new Smokey persona in the album too?
A. “RED+GREEN=BROWN, there is a reason why we are so quiet about it… BIG COLLABS.. trust me.. Shit goes world wide.. M.W.A got HUGE gigs lined up and its gonna be BIG soon.. I dont wanna break the ice as yet… But all I can say.. shits gonna be HUGE…Smokey the ghost what.. Smokey the what what Ghost”

Q. What is the next big move?
A. “The next big move… After brodha V’s Aathma ramma and my Basketball story… WE GOT ” MAKING OUR MONEY ” and… WE GOT ” WHEN IM GONE ( a collaboration song bywith byzeroproductions )… And another song.. then BOOM… the album will drop early next year!”

Q. A message before signing off.

A. “Get a life ahhahahahhaa”

I love my fans
hopefully girls will scream my name when their boyfriends are doing them one day, wait wtf am I saying…