[Exposure] State of Emergency in Trinidad – Squeezy Rankin –

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More than 100 people have been detained in Trinidad and Tobago after the country imposed a national state of emergency in response to a wave of violent crimes linked to drug trafficking, after 11 people were killed over the weekend. The move comes amid growing concern that drug gangs are using Trinidad as a transshipment point for South American cocaine heading to Europe and the United States. Arima native Squeezy Rankin was asked about the situation in Trinidad & Tobago he said “As a people we don’t obey our own laws. We need a level of order as a society”. Squeezy emphatically condemned violence, saying, “we need to stop the violence!” He said that he would, in his own way try his best to make a difference. He admitted that while in the beginning of his career he was skeptical of the words “role model,” he now understands that no matter how he perceives himself and his duty as an artist, he will always be a role model in the eyes of the young and impressionable. His message to the youths is simple, “Stop the violence and let’s make T&T a paradise again.”

Squeezy Rankin has been working with PengCo Music for the past two years and says the relationship has been a great one. “ The vibes always on point,” he assured, adding that if the vibe weren’t there, there’d simply be no hits.
In the past, Squeezy Rankin’s working relationship with PengCo Music has lent to the release of tracks like Nah Play We Tune, Part of De Struggle and Confessions on the Android riddim, which was released earlier this year- songs that were all executively produced by PengCo Music. He says since hooking up with the local production house, the style of his music has changed somewhat, explaining that he has since been able to deliver what he refers to as a more subtle sound for the benefit of radio audiences.

[Extra]: Fake Concert Costs Nearly $750K

It seems a Taiwanese production company has won a law suit against a U.S. talent agency which failed to deliver the Rapper Nelly for a concert. The Loop Production company filed a federal lawsuit against the United States based company, Capitol Connections Agency (CCA).

The original lawsuit, which was filed in April of 2010, accused CCA of taking over $40,000 to book Nelly for a New Year’s eve gig in Taiwan.

“After months of investigation and negotiation with CCA in the hope of receiving a complete refund, the LOOP eventually found out from Nelly’s business manager, that he never heard of CCA,” a rep for the LOOP Production said in a statement. “Even with the official denial from Nelly’s real management, CCA still refused to refund the deposit.”

The lawsuit accused the company of being a criminal enterprise which fraudulently represented a number of celebrities, including Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, Ja Rule and even the Obama’s.

I guess they havent seen a copy of Mike Epps and Ice Cubes movie “Janky Promoters” in Taiwan.
(explicit language)

[Extra]: Happy Birthday Mr. Obama

President Barack Obama left the heated partisan atmosphere in Washington on Wednesday for an overly warm hometown 50th Birthday Party with 2,400 fans and donors in Chicago.

“It doesn’t matter how tough a week I have in Washington, because I know you’ve got me — you’ve got my back,” President Obama told the crowd. “When I come to Chicago, when I travel across the country, I know we can’t be stopped.”

Introducing Obama, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said “This looks like the Uptown Music District,” a reference to one of the mayor’s pet entertainment projects.

With Jennifer Hudson leading the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” and with a thermometer on the stage reading 92 degrees, Obama joked, “This is a warm welcome right here.”

Hudson’s rendition of the b-day song wasn’t as oozing with sexuality as Marilyn Monroe’s classic performance for President Kennedy, but honestly, that’s probably for the best — President Obama already has enough drama with the debt crisis.

Before he addressed the sweating crowd, the president spoke back-stage by video link-up to a thousand other mini-birthday/organizing parties in 1,000 living rooms around the country, as well as seven other fund-raising events around the country.

Taking a slap at Republicans who refused to agree to any higher taxes on the wealthy as negotiations went right up to deadline in the debt-ceiling negotiations, Obama told the Chicago crowd, “I hope we can avoid another self-inflicted wound like we just saw over the last couple of weeks. Because we don’t have time to play these partisan games. We’ve got too much work to do … It is going to continue to be challenging every step of the way.”

“But we can do it,” a woman shouted from the audience.

“But we can do it,” Obama agreed. “We have made some incredible strides together. Yes we have.”

He then launched his pitch for supporters to begin working on his re-election.

“It starts now,” he said.

A chocolate-and-carrot birthday cake from Eli’s Cheesecake was on the menu for the $35,800-per-plate dinner.

Post by Alexx Dupri via KissRichmond.com.