[Eternal]: The Blessing of Evolution. Reach For The Future

“The year is past and a new year is ahead of us. There have been resolutions made, promises made and promises kept, but where are you really? Sometimes we take forward moving steps but circumstances make our progression feel like déjà vu. Steady the course. January is gone but February is here. To quote Rev. Frederick Hayes we should “reflect, remember and act”. Reflection on what has brought you this far. We may not have achieved our dreams but we’re not where we were last year. Take a moment to do some self-inventory, “reflect”. Let your past be the fuel that drives you to change, “remember”. Tomorrow is not promised and today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Act. Keep God first, keep moving, don’t let the past be your handicap. Keep living, achieving and believing, in You!”

Contributed By:
Bishop Joy Tallington

[Eternal]: For The Love Of Money

Money, money, money. An old song but still a mantra for some. It is a thing some “live” to obtain. Money is used worldwide as the means we use for goods and services. Unfortunately, the love of it creates issues. It dissolves relationships, manipulates trust, creates delusions of grandeur, you know the rest.

At the end of the day, we are all just men and women. If you are an ignorant person that becomes wealthy, then you are simply an ignorant person with money.

Money shouldn’t define or identify you, it simply makes you more comfortable financially. You are not what you have or don’t have, that’s your economic status. More money doesn’t make you a better person and the poor worse people.

By that standard, Jesus, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Ghandi, Buddha and countless others would be looked at as inferior, weak and undesirable people. Where as, Don King, George Bush, Wall Street, Enron and such would be considered cream of the crop…

Check your heart…for where your treasure is, your heart will be also. Matt. 6:21.

Contributed By:
Bishop Joy Tallington

[Eternal]: The Song Of My Soul

As I ponder and pontificate (I like that word), how to approach this writing, I can only do so from my soul. And so, I ask myself, what is the song of my soul? What is this thing that enables me, in spite of it “all.” All of the pain, all of the disappointments, and all of the frustrations as everything seems to morph into one and is “all.” The song of my soul is Hope.

Hope has a tune and a tempo. It has a pitch and creates a sound your soul responds to. Hope goes beyond the natural and defies reality. Hope anticipates and embraces what could be. It expects and waits with baited breath. The sound of hope puts a glimmer in your eye, a smile on your face and laugh in your belly. A song will calm the inward storm.

Hope today, and expect for tomorrow. Prov 13:12

Sometimes the master will calm the storm, but sometimes he will allow the storm to rage, and He calms his child. Maya Angelou.

One with God, one in love.
Latter Rain Ministries

Contributed By:
Bishop Joy Tallington