[Epinions] BET Awards Review

[dcs_chain_gallery id=”2″ w=”620″ h=”500″ tw=”50″ th=”50″ number=”12″ /]I haven’t watched anything on BET in several years. No, not 106 & Park or any other foolishness up to and including the BET Music Awards in previous years. So you may ask what possessed me to sit down and tune in to the 2011 BET Music Awards. Well… umm… I don’t know, but I did. And I’m sad to say that not a dang thing had changed. I was as thoroughly disappointed with the production as I ever was.

Here are my not only “Bad”, but my “WTF?!”:
Kevin Hart and them dang gone children! They were still taller than him. And is it just me or did he look real lonely up there on that big ol’ stage with his lil bitty self? Like Bubbles the chimp without Michael.

I was throwed the heck off by Justin Beiber. Why was he even there? If he was supposed to draw ratings shouldn’t he have performed??? The exchange between him and his Beibsters (or whatever they are called) and Nikki Minaj and her Barbies was just plain awkward.

Now I must admit that I was rather pleased to see the display of Ace Hood’s jailhouse body, I was definitely surprised that his pants stayed secured to his boxer briefs.
I was as pleased with Ace Hood as I was disgusted by DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. I know I’m not the only one tired of DJ Khaled, Drake and Rick Ross. Come on guys give us a break! Ya’ll 3 on one stage prove that ugly don’t matter what color you are.

My next WTF is going to send me straight to hell, but I have to point it out. What was your girl and mine, Pastor Shirley Caesar wearing up on that stage??! Did Tiana from Princess and the Frog have a dress made for her grandmother and Shirley stole it???

Okay, Okay… my list of WTF is pretty long, so I’ll give ya’ll a few of my Highlights or as some would call them Goods:
The Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars performance was AWESOME (not the hair), just the performance.
The Real House Husbands of Hollywood skits were freakin hilarious. I was glad to see Nelly back on the scene and looking good. I won’t touch on Bobby Brown though.

The Patti LaBelle tribute was amazing! Cee-Lo and Marsha Ambrosius! Enough said.

I was totally enthralled with the Jill Scott performance. She brought it for the big girls and for real singers. No auto-tune or pre-recording needed. Oh and let us not forget the SEXY, SEXY, SUPER SEXY, IDRIS ELBA!
I also thought Kevin Hart lived up to the hype. He’s a very funny brutha!
[dcs_image align=”left” src=”http://musicislifeentertainment.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/jill-scott21.jpg” w=”200″ h=”300″ mleft=”5″ mtop=”5″ mright=”5″ mbottom=”5″ descalign=”right” /]

Overall, there were lots of Ugly, heaping helpings of Bad and few sprinklings of Good at this year’s BET Music Awards. But there was nothing unexpected or different about it than in previous years. Maybe next year the producers will persuade the performers to do the radio edits of their songs and save the audio team some embarrassment. Maybe next year they will have Beyonce perform “live” via recording from a venue in the States. Maybe next year BET will simply step up their game a smidge and stop embarrassing themselves. Wishful thinking…

Written by: True Floozy