[Engineered]: Nix DaStunna

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Here’s an interview with Nix DaStunna

Q. So Nix DaStunna, how did it all begin for you?

A. The first time I ever tried to make a beat I was trying to help my cousin who was an MC. This got us nowhere and I gave up after a few weeks. After I was accepted to college in 2009, I was enjoying music produced by Drumma Boy and Kane Beatz. I was listening to alot of rap and I figured I started to pay more attention to the beats. Somehow I became able to filter out the lyrics and focus on the composition of the instrumental. Until one day I decided to get some software and try to compose my own beats again.

Q. What was your first beat machine?

A. My first and current beat machine is my dear HP Laptop dv2617. I do have a pretty well equipt studio, including a OO3 mixing table, some KRK studio monitors and all that. Regardless of what equipment I purchase, somehow I keep coming back to my little old pc.

Q. What programs do you use now?

A. I use FL Studio Producer Edition. I tried Reason but FL Studio is definitely the one I’m more confortable with.

Q. When was the first time someone used one of your beats?

A. The first artist to ever use one of my beats is BIG TIM From Niagara Falls (NY). He really inspired me to get out there and take my music to another level throught his movement called Project Mayhem, which is basically a group of young artists and producers. They get alot of love from their city because of their music.

Q. Were you always into producing or were you a DJ or MC?

A. Around 2005, before becoming a producer, I was an Mc, but I hardly wrote songs. I would just go from school to school, killing as many MCs as possible in freestyle battles. Freestyle battles was my thing. Then, my cousin who was actually a real rapper at the time consistently needed beats. So I decided to learn beat making to be his producer. It was an epic fail.

Q. Where did you get your passion or drive to be a producer?

A. In 2009, I was listening to alot rap music and some tracks really made me feel like I wanted to produce music. Such songs as “Tuck ya Ice in” ( prod by Kane Beatz ), Birdman – “Pop Bottles”, Lil Keke – “Im a G”. Also, that man called Drumma Boy was on and he still is. He is the very one who made me believe I could be a producer.

Q. What was your first instrument?

A. Only one year after I really got into producing music, I decided to buy myself a M-Audio Keyrig 46 Keyboard. I didn’t know how to use it back then. I’m part of that new generation of producers who can’t really play any live instrument. That was until I met an A&R from Sony music who told me that it’s very important to know at least one instrument. Since then, I have been taking piano lesson on youtube. lol

Q. you working with any artists now?

A. Im working with 9 indie and unsigned artists like Jerry Wess (Brooklyn), NEFFY (NY), FITZ (Brooklyn), Kylyntea (Ohio). They helped me get out there and be more creative. I also got me a taste of that much demanding music industry where there is no time to sleep.

Q. What accomplishments have you accumulated and when did you consider yourself a professional producer?

A. I started considering myself a MUSIC PRODUCER in october 2010 when I created my website (Soundclick) www.dastunnabeatz.com. Since then, I have realeased a 15-track mix tape called “PLAYGROUND The Mixtape”, featuring 8 recording artists all performing on my beats the project reached 2000 downloads in just a few days. Recently, I created a Facebook Fan Page and got almost 800 fans in about a month. We are already working on the next mix tape “Fucking Focused” (December 2011). I know it could take 2 to 3 years to any other producer to do what I did during this year. This is just how hard I have been working.

Q. How many tracks do you have under your belt?

A. I don’t count them, but I know I have produced over 35 tracks in about 8 months.

Q. Where are you from?

A. Currently, I’m living in Houston Texas. I’m from a country called Gabon (MidWest Africa ). I grew up in its capital city called Libreville.

Q. What is your production and real name?

A. As a producer I go by the name of Nix DaStunna and my label is DaStunnaBeatz. I was Born Narcisse E. Eva

Q. Who would you like to work with? Artist and production company?

A. First I would like to work with more artists from Houston Tx (the city I live in) like Slim Thug, Bun B, Killa Kyleon or Marcus Manchild. Just the mere fact thay they are hard to reach for an upcoming producer and if I can make that connection, It would be a major achievement. If I’m going to build a name in this game I have to start in my city. Besides that I would like to work with Lil Wayne, Eminem, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Jessy J only to give a few, the list is so long.

Q. Who would you like to give thanks to for you getting to this point?

A. Definitely Kylyntea, he was the first to make an official video off one of my tracks, also Jerry Wess, NEFFY and FITZ who is currently “killin it” for my next project.

Q. What should we expect from you in the near future?

A. You cant really know what to expect from me, but I would say expect good music, hits songs, major projects and a massive buzz.

Q. Any web links, web pages, and/or shout outs to any one?

A. Website ( soundclick ): dastunnabeatz.com
Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/dastunnabeatz
My Youtube Channel : Youtube/itsdastunnabeatz
My Twitter: DaStunna Twitter
Playground: The Mixed Tape: Listen to Mixed Tape

Q. Besides yourself who is your favorite producer?

A. Im strongly influenced and inspired by Drumma Boy and Kane Beatz, but I dont know if people can tell that by listen to my beats.

[Engineered] GA Dirt Productions

Representing Georgia so hard, he named himself after the state. This young man is making his way through the crowd. For many years he has sacrificed to perfect his art and will continue to do so until he makes it to the top. I had the opportunity to interview, the one, the only, GA Dirt.

Heres an impromptu interview:

Q. So how did it all begin for you?
A. Music began on the exact day I was born, if we are talkn about my love for music. As far as producing, it began about 2 years ago when my dog DJ fron KOE ENT gave me the fl studio disc….from that point, I literally put myself in a room and a computer n taught myself that software.

Q. What was your first beat machine?
A. My first beat machine and still use a lot today is my computer screen and computer keyboard. Just taught myself how to lay out on keys manually what my mind was telln me to play that my hands couldnt on a piano.

Q. What programs do you use now?
A. Pro Logic, Fl Studio and Reason. In a learning stage of a few others.

Q. When was the first time someone used one of your beats?
A. A year ago or so. I never title my beats i just give em a #. My patna Luck from tha Sip used to come by and rap to my beats as i made em. Made it easier for me to understand what it would be like after the product is done ya dig.

Q. Were you always into producing or were you a Dj or mc?
A. I always wanted to learn how to dj bur never got into it. I would make some fi ass plaists at the crib constantly but never invested into that. As far as rappn…well shit a lot of us always wanted to b a rapper or just fuckd around wit our patnas on n instrumental or sum. Got plenty of things i wrote before just never on wax. Hold up….my dog jeremy out in orlando recorded a track wit me on a beat thru a friend produced by j.jinx….back in 06 prolly. We merkd dat shit!! Shouts out to the whole westbrook family.

Q. Where did you get your passion or drive to be a producer?
A. Once i was introduced to fl studio couple years back. I swear i stayed in that room teachn myself that software. Ask my grandma when i stayed with her. She would come in that room few times a day to either ask me to turn down the bass or if i was hungry. Ha. I would never wanna go to work because I had a beat i was workn on and didnt want to lose that focus. So all day at work im thinkn about that one track i want to finish so bad while tryna think.of another track to make after at the same time.

Q. What was your first instrument?
A. Trumpet. 6th grade. Maybe one dem plastic whistles when i was a kid but real instrument…..flute. Had to either pick chorus, band or orchestra. I picked brass and drums. Never got great at it but was decent.

Q. Did your parents wish they never bought it for you?
A. They didnt have to i dont think. We just rented it and bought a new mouthpiece for it or sumtn

Q. Are you working with any artists now?
A. Yeh. A few local artist and few in fla. Shouts out to KTP back in Tally. Impact records here in tha A.

Q. What accomplishments have you accumulated?
A. I woke up this morn. I aint got platinum numbers and lambos…..yet. But im just happy to have graduated high school n pursuing a college degree n like i said…..living, breathing, alive.

Q. How many tracks do you have under your belt?
A. Somewhere between 150-200 decent tracks.

Q. Where are you from?
A. Born in warner robins…..raised from elem to high school freshman year in tha A…riverdale to be exact. Southside wat up! Then moved to okaloosa county fla. For 6-7 years. Been back home for 5 years now jus about n lovn it. Phuck a beach every day all day. I love tha city lights and atlanta period.

Q. What is your production and real name?
A. GA Dirt Productions. Darius Freeman is my real name.

Q. How many years have you been a professional producer, in your estimation and what would make you mark that particular time?
A. Still not a pro. Jus good at what I do. Got lots to learn and look up to a lot of others who aint made it yet all over. My mark when i make it tho will be at least 5 hit records…..that will say well damn bruh, you made it. Aint notn from there except go up. Aint ever enough money to be made n i dont think i will ever stop lovn music therefor i am married to her n will b dat way til tha death of meh!!

Q. Who would you like to give thanks to for you getting to this point?
A. Dj from KOE ent for introducing me to this software even tho this aint his thinf…..my ppl who came around when i was makn this music and just asking questions to better myself…..mixture wit ktp in tally….cee hustle at impact records…..my niggas from round tha way on mt zion hyde park wat up! Pointe south parkway wat up!! Whole clay co….even my ppl in henry county. Some ppl have came around and i cant remember their names but what up if i forgot u. Yall kno i sho notn but love.

Q. What should we expect from you in the near future?
A. In the future jus expect quality music. All i wanna do is go up from each day im alive. I want to do more than jus beats. I got a lot in store, just kno that im learning n im workn.

Q. Any web links, web pages, and/or shout outs to any one?
A. Follow me at facebook.com/gathafuture. Shouts out to yung tyme back n tha 850….my lil bro i love you my G Devon Freeman aka DFree, preciate all ya support on my music. Web page coming soon.

Q. Besides yourself who is you favorite producer?
A. Drummaboy, timbo, the runners, dr dre, and three six mafia…a lot of underground and internet producers im rockn wit too..

[Engineered]: Return Of Cool Chris 104.1FM ATL

I was born in Brooklyn New York, Brownsville to be more specific (MARCUS GARVEY WHUT UP!!!!) My pops was a DJ, Mr. Disco, matter of fact, as I think about it; all of the men on my father’s side of my family were all DJs. I grew up around 45s, Albums, Amps, pre-amps and homemade cabinets for your speakers. Needless to say, it’s in my blood. Been rockin on the 1s & 2s since the age of 7.

InĀ 1986 I move from Brooklyn to Jacksonville FL. While in Jacksonville, I took with me my skills from NY. DJing as well as opening up for the likes of Public Enemy, JJ FAD, The Miami Boys, Rob Base,and a list of others. I attended Alabama State University and in 1989 Stepped into WVAS 90.7 and I knew what I wanted to do. After a year of volunteer work, I was hired by my University to work at WVAS. While at WVAS I was the Production Asst, Asst music director, and the first one in the University’s history to have a rap show.

I’ve interviewed the likes of Biggie, when he was Biggie Smalls, Craig Mack, The Fu-schnikens, Scarface, Patra, Chris Rock, H-town, Phife of a Tribe Called Quest, Ill and Al Scratch and so on. Moved to Atlanta in ’95 and began working for KISS 104.1 as Producer and co-host of Blue Lights in the Basement House Party. While at KISS 104.1, I had the pleasure of working with Mitch Faulkner, Casual Cal, Larry Doc Elliot, Ellis King, Melissa Summers, Carla Griffin, Marty Ringer, and a host of others.

Before departing KISS 104.1, I obtained positions as the production Asst of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Promotions and Marketing Asst, and Remote Engineer. I may have been out of the radio game for a minute, but the music and the love is still there.

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Can’t seem to stay away from the tables. Lately, I have traveled the road of most DJs and began producing music. Producing and DJing go hand in hand.


I am still making hot remixes and mix CDs. Welcome to my world and how I see things musically. I just want to bring it to you in a different way. Not better, not worse, just in a way I feel it. I wanna take you to a place you haven’t been in a while. Not the same ol’ old school you hear at every party or on the radio. I wanna take you a little deeper and surprise you at the same time. So, enjoy and just vibe with me. LIVE HIP HOP LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out and/or purchase some of Chris’s Tracks.
Doo…Doo is Super Hot!!! Just click on it…

This is one of my personal favorites: