[Energy]: Lebron James and Kevin Durant Square Up For Flag Football

During the lockout, most athletes are probably sitting around, on vacation, with their families, not Kevin Durant and Lebron James. These two are playing flag football and in good form.

Early November 2011, Durant Tweeted he was playing flag football and Lebron decided to play also. Lebron set up a team and both teams played through the month. On Wednesday night, November 30th, 2011, the showdown occurred.

The pace of the game was fast and furios. The flag football game which was played at the University of Akron had a score which looked like a basketball score. Ustream covered the closed event via live stream on the net. There were approximately 100 fans in the stands watching this “Epic” scoring extravaganza.

Eventually, James’ squad defeated Durant’s Texas team, 73-63. Durant’s team attempted a late drive for the tie, but James intercepted a pass and stole the game. by the way, Lebron was pretty good in high school football.

[Extreme]: The Best Extreme Sports Compilation Of 2011

People are truly amazing. These athletes have trained their bodies and have the ability to do things most of us can only imagine.
I would watch Shaolin Monk karate movies as a kid and disbelieve all the flying and jumping they did. The way they twisted their bodies and used different forms and elements to achieve such feats.
I have to say, I am now a believer.

[Energy]: C.J. Senter, Work It On Out Lil Man!!!

C. J. Senter has inspired so many other kids to become weight and health conscious. He is a mini dynamo. It is good to see C.J’s enthusiasm for health and making the young world better physically.

They say a sound body leads to a sound mind. If that is the case, I need to head to the gym right now!!! Thanks CJ!!!

You can check out CJ Senter website at: www.workoutkid.com

Want to do a mini workout with C.J. Senter?
Just Watch This Video….

In case you didn’t know, CJ Senter had his first feature roll in this Yung Joc Video , “Yeah Boy”, as Shawty Six Pack. He beat the snot out of Yung Joc.
Check it out!!!