[Emotions]: Forbidden Fruit

Why do I push the boundary?

Just to see how far I can go?

If I tasted this forbidden fruit;

Would anyone have to know?

If I ever break the cardinal rule;

If my chance is ever unearthed,

What purpose would it serve?

Would a taste be truly deserved?

Hidden in the corner of my eye;

A vision that’s yet to be described.

Just to inhale its sweet aroma;

Is a luxury that’s still undefined.

Will I one day come to my senses;

Will it take me a lifetime or a season?

Whatever the case will ultimately be;

They call it “forbidden fruit” for a reason.

Written By: Viola Borden

[Emotions]: “Unconditional”

“We believe the true essence of hip hop is poetry and Logan’s style is the epitome of poetic. So I wanted to share the lyrics to one of his songs in its most natural form, a poem. Let me know what you think.” – Selorm


I love you like a newborn in a mother’s arms
You’re a new bride in a lover’s arms
You give me new life and a dozen songs
It’s you and I baby sing along

I’m lost in a dark mind/Way out…
My way out I can’t find/I pray
And pray that I make right/Make right
This mess that I made life/Take mine
But the loss would hurt mine/Never mind
I’ll stay and face time/Take time
Won’t quit till this face shines/Place my
Thoughts in the daylight/Daylight
Give me hope again/To keep me going in
Look I’m losing wind/And I’m cruising in
This place that I don’t like/Don’t like
This place I’m up all night/All night
A heartless dark mind/Baby but
Your love can spark mine
Baby but your love is sunshine
Baby but your love is sunshine

I’m so Lucky to know love/No Love
Feels realer than your love/No love
Can calm me like your love/Your Love
Is the reason I know love/Your Love
Is the reason I didn’t die/Could’ve died
And missed out on love
But you helped me keep me alive
For that I’m grateful for life
That I wanna give you my life
Cause baby you gave me your life/My life
Has pure love, obscure love/That’s rare love
Didn’t deserve love/But you shared Love
So let’s share love/And become one
Like a bear hug/Cause I’m smitten love
You know/Bitten love by your love bug
And I can’t budge/And I don’t jugde
And I won’t grudge

They say love is blind
But love is kind
When lovers find
That love they find
That Love is time
With a willing mind
And a heart combined
That is love
That is love