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My names Jasemin IXX, I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I’m a performing artist. I’m a dancer of 15 years specializing in Jazz, Contemporary and Belly, Hip Hop, Latin Salsa, and Lock-n-Pop. I currently started my quest in the modeling industry and singing which I am growing to have a lot of passion for. My main aim is to produce something graceful and angelic.

I also write poems, motivational quotes, positive thinking quotes and general speeches on life and learning how to appreciate good things. Throughout this stream of work my main goal is to create a book to ultimately help others who go through stress, depression, or for those who need a bit of uplifting words to keep focused, positive and remain within a calm sense of character. It’s about being true to yourself and understanding others.

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Quotes: By Jasemin

“Pursue a dream not where you are most content, but where you are most prosperous and enriched with enlightenment.”

“To follow others is to be like others; to follow no one and be yourself allows you to explore the world and your endeavours to being unique.”

“To have faith is to believe in the unimaginable.”

“Truth may come to your life, when you are given a spoken truth value it, as it is a precious gift to have.”

“Beauty comes in all forms and matter. It is all around us; it shines from within us and presents its self as an act of happiness and emotion. To smile and laugh is beauty at its best.”

“An individual who judges has been judged themselves, we simply do what we see, instead we should be the better person and remain beautiful by not judging a person and get to know them.”

Personal Thinking

I asked someone what do they see when they see a man in jail?
There reply: “I don’t see a man I see garbage and a lost cause.”

Someone asks me, “What do I see when I see a man in jail?”
My reply: A man who has been taught wrong, who has not been shown the way or guided through and who needs help but never got it. I see a man who can become better if he immersed himself in making himself better by being shown the right way to a more positive life.”

Pearl of Wisdom:
Be smart.
Be bold.
Be considerate and thoughtful to those around you.
Give as much as you can give for those who respect you.
Have quality within yourself and it will make you beautiful.
– Miss Thinker (Jasemin Ixx)

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