[Electric]: Emrah Kotan & New Anatolian Experience Atmaca

This ensemble featuring the belly dancer plays very well. This is an elegant piece of Turkish music that carries a strong rhythmic vibe and a great salsa feel.

Living and Dancing the Sacred

The central force animating ancient dance was the expression of love for the Divine. It is this expression which made dance an essential part of the great ancient cultures. Without this feeling in the heart of the dancer, the purpose of the dance is lost, and its healing and transformational energies cannot be conveyed.

Sacred Dance corresponds with Sacred Geometry, mimicking the arrangements of planets, stars, to the Earth. And if fingers, arms, legs, head positions are done incorrectly, the microcosmic energy is destroyed. One needs a teacher to correct angles, and timing – and it’s critical to have a qualified guru – because the Baraka, “life-force energy from God” – can only be transmitted from teacher to student. Learning from books or videos or just watching people does not connect you to the Divine directly and the power of the dance is lost.

Dance is to remind us of how to live our daily life. With God in mind, and love for our neighbors, hardships can be minimized and a general wellbeing for all increased. For through the dancer, the love and blessings can be conveyed to the observers. It’s the dancer’s job to portray this upliftment and happiness to others, and help erase the collective karmas of the community.

Tambor Party Second Anniversary in ATL, Ga

Tambor – A musical instrument: tambor is a synonym for “pandura”
A guitar playing style: tambour (guitar technique)
(sometimes also written tambora)
Tambour: a long drum used in the music of Puerto Rico.
Tambor is music.

Tambor is obviously many things, but in Atlanta, it’s a positive vibe. Such a vibe can only be conveyed by the ridiculous mixes of the DJ’s, the Afro-Centric dance combinations and the smile on everyones face. Tambor tis the perfect party, that everyone wants to go to and leave feeling like the party is alive in them. It’s a feeling of love, respect and caring for your fellow man. Tambor is the place where you forget about the world for a few short hours and focus on rhythm, chi, God, family, metaphysics and love.

It’s where you want to be. GhostCam7 has once again captured the essence of this event and here it is for you and you and you!!!! One Love!!!!

Ghostcam7 goes in….@ #django…..the Tambor party, big up 2 DJ Stan Zeff, DJ David Sabat, DJ Osun Lade 4 rocking the house….here are some hot clips of Stan Zeff….Osun Lade. P.E.A.C.E. Ghostcam7/rashay zaire thanks 4 the views house nation!
Those of you who already know, this is priceless rare footage. Listen to the mixes in this video. Tambor is serious about Deep House Music.