[EJ’s]: Kevin “O” Owens

Summer Promo 2011 by Kevin O ATL

Q. What’s is your real name if you use an alias and how old are you?
A. My real name is Kevin Owens – and im old enough to know whats up.

Q. So how did it all begin?
A.’94 when I was sneaking into clubs. I eventually met the light tech and dj and watched what they did. At first I ran lights – doing that helped me learn dance music structure. While running lights I began collecting records and playing them on my buddies Turntables. I eventually got a chance to dj at a club on a friday night late in ’95 @ a Club called Oxygen. It has not stopped since.

Q. Where did the name come from?
A. I was playing @ a club called masqurade in ATL. The club did not have enough letters to spell Kevin Owens – so it was just Kevin O.

Q. What gave you that initial push?
A. Watching this one dj – her name is/was Angela Mixin Nixion. She killed dancefloors , she eventually became a close friend and mentor. I wanted to rock floors like she could.

Q. Out of Djing, Production and Promoting which came 1st?
A. Djing for sure – then promotion – then production

Q. Where do you live?

Kevin O Standing Strong

Q. How big is your vinyl collection? What do you think of CDJ’s?
A. Vinyl has to be over 9,000 pieces. Im cool w/ cdj’s – its not about the medium you play the music, its about the music.

Q. Funniest thing that ever happened at an event?
A. Seeing a girls hair catch on fire – and 2 celebrities puking, drunk, making asses of themselves.

Q. What are your feelings on the MC’s?
A. There effective at the end of the night when you need everyone to leave.

Q. What do you do outside of the dance music scene?
A. Cook, Photograpgy, swimming, hanging w/ friends and family

Q. Who’s throwing the best parties at the moment?
A. Tambor, SoCo Audio, Deephouse.com, Cardio and Heavy

Q. Which other countries have you played/put parties on?
A. St. Marteen (french)

Q. What was the first event you ever played at/put on?
A. The 1st big show i played @ was a Liquid Groove party in ’96 or ’97 I played before Adam Freeland

Q. What’s the best event you’ve played at/put on?
A. The best event I ever played – might be the 1st time I open up for Doc Martin. It was at eleven50 all my friends were there, the place was packed as soon as the doors were open. It was a special night that i will not forget! The best event I have put on were the Hustler parties that Some friends and I put on for 5 years – thats a long time for a night to be sucessful in ATL.

Q. What was your first record you bought?
A. A break beat compilaition called Southern fried breaks.

Q. Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails’?
A. Show Me Love – Robin S.

Q. What’s you favourite tune of all time?
A. It is always changing – but now I would have to say Metro Area “Muria”

Q. When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?
A. On the couch and a Movie – Phone OFF!

Q. So how is the scene in your eyes at the moment?
A. I have seen this city change its taste over the years. There is some young blood out there that is making waves in the industry as we speak – So from my point of view the underground music scene is thriving in ATL.!

Q. What advice would you give to up and coming DJs/Promoters?
A. Be positive and be sure you have your skills and music tight before attempting to play out.

Q. When you play is it a pre planned set?
A. Never

Q. What is your performance schedule?
A. I bounce all over ATL – but mainly stick to MJQ, Sound Table, Lava, P’cheen, and Star Bar.

Q. So whose the best DJ in Atlanta?
A. No comment, lmao.