[EJ] DJ Sagia Energy Fills London

While playing in the most popular clubs in the UK, US, Poland, Spain & Malta, Sagia has continuously shared her fascination for the positive energy of music in her mixes. At the beginning Sagia’s musical style has been strongly defined by underground house music in many of its varieties. Her instrumentally rich, energetic, with characteristic and solid bass line sets are very popular on the dance floors of many clubs. Entrancing them with her dimmed, spatial yet equally energetic vibes of deep and tech-house.

Sagia’s musical sensitivity transferred her fascination with music to actual sounds. She came up with her own remixes and productions, “Runway”, “Take you down”, “Energie” and “Calling”.  In 2012 Sagia’s tech house track “That’s Right” was released by a NYC based label SoundGroove Records on a Miami Music Sampler 2012 during WMC (Remixes coming soon). Currently Sagia is working on new tracks and remixes – soon to be released.

Q. How long have you been a DJ and where are you located?
A. I’ve been working as a professional dj and producer internationally for 8 years and I am currently based in London.

Q. In your 8 years of Mixing who all have you worked with?
A.   I’ve DJed along many talented DJs and producers such as Martijn Ten Velden, The Shapeshifters, Sandy Rivera, Dr Kucho! or Ravin, just to name a few as well as vocalists and MCs, such as: Barbara Tucker, Alec Sun Drea, Emma Lanford or Luciana. I’ve also recorded a few compilations – for Samsung entitled “Digital Love” and for Absolut Sweden – “Absolut Maniacs”. I’m looking forward to working with some artists on the production side as well.

Q. Where in the states can you be seen?
A.  I’m a regular visitor to the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Q. What can your fans expect next?
A. You can catch me djing in London as well as internationally. I have just been signed by a US booking agency based in NYC. I met them at the WMC in Miami during one of my gigs after they heard me dj. I have also just had one of my tracks released on SoundGroove Records (US) with remixes coming soon and I’m planning to release a few more tracks and remixes this summer, so stay tuned!
Check Out Saiga:
Booking: www.vitalitybooking.com

[EJ’s]: Whytail MC 99Jamz Miami Is All In

Biography provided by Whytail.
Sydney, Australia, Date of birth 20.9.1990

I started writing in ’08 when I was going through a rough patch in my life. As a kid I hung with my older bro cranking Wutang, Mc Ren, and blazing to Bonethugs, to name a few. I was influenced by the underground 90s beats and flows.

I especially got into the Lost Boyz, Big L, Big P, and since then haven’t looked back. Although, I can’t relate to a lot of the things most rappers talk about, I’ve been through some things people wouldn’t want to have nightmares about.

I spent 61 days straight in an immigration detention facility. A real shit hole and reminiscent to the seen in Scarface where Tony and Manny killed to get their papers. It wasn’t that flamboyant, but a shit hole never-the-less. Although it was tough and an ugly experience, not only did it make me stronger, it made my heart grow fonder for music to free my mind. Music, my mom and the hope of getting out of that facility are the only things that kept me sane. 61 days in that facility is worst than 100 days in the whole in most prisons, believe it.

A person I look up to in this world Is Nelson Mandela, who spent half is life in a jail cell. But, never let the system grab hold of him. Mandela constantly told everyone inside, “I will one day be Prime Minister of this country”. Everyone kept telling him he was crazy, but in the end look what happened. I believe that everything connects, someway somehow, and all the lil changes in the world add up and make big things happen.

My mother is my number one idol. She saw me day in, day out, when I was making my crossover to American acceptability. She never threw in the towel. She’s a very strong woman. I want to send a message: That it’s not all for the cash, and not all for the fame. It’s just showing the world that if you believe in God and yourself, people will believe in you. I thank my family and the people around me that are willing to listen… One Love


I’m 21 years old, From Sydney Australia. Been listening to hip hop since I could remember. I’ve seen a lot of crazy things, been through some bad times but so has everyone else. At the moment, I’m promoting for 99 Jamz Miami, A radio station both online and on air. I’ve personally gotten Cuban link, and another Dj from New york live on both Sydney and Miami radio. I like to play poker, snooker, and Hang with the boys and chill with the people around me. I like to thank the people who have supported me through my life and the journey that I am on now. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. I like to thank my mum, my biggest idol and a special lady called Tania. You both are amazing and give me the strength I need to keep going… in this place we call life… – Whytail! Check my facebook page under – Whytail Peace and Blessings One Love

[EJ’s]: DJ Jamad Of The Legendary Afromentals CDs

DJ Jamad produces the Afromentals CDs, some of the most soulful mixes ever to hit your ears. He has traveled abroad to share his gift and we had the opportunity to speak with him in Atlanta, Ga.
He once had a long standing radio show called Afromentals Mixshow on Sirius Satellite radio. He also highlighted special segments called Hot Combs which allowed artists, producers, and DJs an opportunity to guest host and promote their individual projects and talents while giving listeners a candid view of the featured entertainers and their personal musical interests.
And Now, DJ Jamad…

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