Drake, an artist that hit the rap scene a few years ago, created and developed a song entitled, “Started from the Bottom Now I’m Here!”. The song which quickly turned into an anthem had every young person singing, every car radio playing and most adults professing that although they started from the bottom, now they are here. Ultimately it begs us to look closer and examine further, where is here? Where is here that Drake raps about? Where is here that our young people make reference to? Where is here that most adults mention while singing this song? Because most people that I’ve witnessed chanting the song lacks vision, lacks drive and lacks purpose. Most people I’ve heard belt out the lyrics to this song have incomplete tasks on their resume where they often start tasks but never finishes them. And most people I’ve heard sing this song likes to take short cuts in life and gives up easily because someone has told them no. So I’ll have to ask you again, WHERE IS HERE?
Where here when young ladies pray, dream and crave for their next opportunity or their next big break but they are dressed in super provocative clothing, Nicki Minaj hair and their profile pictures on social media sites are degrading? Where is here when our young men’s successful future is around the corner but they can’t get there fast enough because it’s difficult to run in saggy pants. When most young men want to be rich, want to be famous, want to be business men but they are too busy trying to stay with the trends when real bosses are leaders and not followers; when real bosses are trend setters themselves.

As I looked deeper into the word here, it made me recall something I was taught in grade school called context clues. Context clues are those words in a sentence, surrounding a word that will help you to identify what a word means or is referring to. So after close examination I determined that when Drake referenced here, he was referring to SUCCESS. So since we know what success means to Drake, I must ask what doe success mean to you?
Unfortunately we are living in a society, culture and generation where success to most people is money, cars and clothes. Where success to most people is fame, notoriety and popularity. But what Drake didn’t reveal to you in his song, is that although those things may make you feel successful none of those things guarantees you success. What Drake didn’t tell you is that the most successful people in the industry are those that own the record label and not the ones working for the label. Drake also neglected to tell you in his song that the most successful people in the industry are the educated ones because after the money, cars and clothes are gone; knowledge is the one thing that no one can take away from you. Therefore in order to determine what here means we must identify what success looks like to us.
Success is not allowing the hurts of the past or where you’ve come from define where you are going; because what hurts you today can and will only make you stronger for tomorrow.
Success is not holding onto people, friendships or relationships that are preventing you from growing. If you want to be successful you have to know that can’t take everyone with you.
Success is not being afraid to fail. The greatest victory stories come with some prolific defeats.
And lastly, success is never undermining that there is life and death in the power of the tongue. On your journey to being successful you must always understand how vital your words are. As we all know words become thoughts. And if 90% of a person’s success is psychology, what you say and allow yourself to think it of the utmost importance. Therefore, applying this thought to our lives, begs us to dismiss Drake’s song. It forces us to speak over our lives that we never started from the bottom and we are on our way to HERE! –Ms. Under New Management,
Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
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Written By: Diana Watley


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