As Taxes Raised!! No Justice!! No Peace!! Will We "March Again" - J. Randy

J. Randy speaks… and with much to the remembrance of Biggie and Pac, it has a message. As many things that have divided the United States like Political Parties, Religion, and Race. What will unite it? Will it be the tax of Retirement funds? The Attack on Gun Rights? Or Another Racial Killing? Who knows… but one thing is for certain, one man can’t do it. Will We March Again? J.Randy Check Him Out…

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    February 26, 2013 7:51 pmPosted 5 years ago
    Myra Lee

    Just like “WE SHALL OVERCOME” was the anthem for the Civil Rights Movement of the 50’s & 60’s, this song, WILL WE MARCH AGAIN? could well become the anthem of our present time…………..

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