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For those of yawll who havent heard yet, Living in Sin is one of the top tier, higher echelon rappers in India. With his roots in London, Living in Sin [aka DJ Sin, or Sin] has done more than to merely adopt and adapt the Mumbai way of life, His songs have a deep intense message to convey with each line drowning You into a higher level of thought; in his words, its all about “Spread wisdom”. Hard-work and perseverance is what this Mumbai rapper is all about. I have personally worked with Him and I must say, I havent seen this much energy packed in one person!

He has recently dropped a new song called “Many Times”, produced by Sanza & features Big Philly, and the content it reveals is just mind numbing. From the rhyme-schemes, right down to production. Dope.

I had the chance to interview Him on his thoughts on Indian hip-hop, his old projects and the upcoming ones as well.

Q. What do U feel about the recent Indian Hip Hop scene? Has it uplifted the essence of Hip Hop as YOU know it to be?
A. The whole culture and essence of Hip Hop has changed and I feel as the internet and social networking has expanded Music awareness in some way, it has also brought the true hustle and quality of music down. Its so easy for these so called rappers to create and put out something without any actual knowledge on the art! When I look at India, the struggles and problems we face are very much different from what lifestyle and growing up is like in the UK or US. 99% of the music put out on facebook is not the life these dudes are living “and they know this Man,” ( In Chris Tuckers voice.) 

Has not lifted the essence at all! “

Q. Why “Mustang Music”, and what real message do You wish to convey to the people on the track?
A. Muscle means Money, Power, heart and intelligence. If you got it, use it the right way!

This track was actually designed to show different cultures that exist in India that people may not be aware off. Cars, Music, Auto mechanics and more.

I been in music for 15 years or more, So Mustang music is not the definition of my message in Music, You have to dig deeper… “

Q. What is Your message to these new and upcoming rappers in the Bombay hip hop, or Indian hip hop scene?
A. Really there is no point because everyone right now who think they created the scene lie and talk bullshit. So these kids have a bad foundation to start with cause of these Bob Cats and fakers. But here is an attempt…

1. Do not use the “N” Word, Its not cool but makes you look lame! Grow up…

2. If you have the balls to rap about it – have the balls to say it to the persons face, rapping on a song with words don’t make you a leader. Living by your words do!

3. Don’t follow trends and using swag to cover talent is bullshit. You either have it or you don’t and most don’t sorry to say.

4. be you! A lot of rappers here are trying to be someone else. Be yourself! Respect who you are and where u from cause most of you don’t. When you look in the mirror, u can’t lie no matter what you tell the world! 

Q. Tell us More about Your radio station “Bombay Hott Radio”?
A. Bombay Hott Radio is the first official Urban radio station in India and is a strong bridge between Indian artists and their western counterparts. We have interviews regularly with Top urban artist from around the world Including M.O.P, Spice 1, MC Shan, Shade Sheist and more all giving their views on the current state of Hip Hop.

One of the things that are missing in Today’s Hip Hop scene is the radio culture, One of the most fun parts of being a fan of this genre of music back in the day. We bringing that back.

What billboard selling artists have said about Bombay Hott Radio:-


Q. What is the next big move?
A. Big Things, We just released in the Caribbean with “Summa Yah body” which is getting a crazy response. And I’m doing shows with N.O.R.E and Billy Danze + many more artists. Check out Big Philly (Best Freestyler in Mumbai), Richelle Mendes, Bid Lo, Stori, Team Badself UK and more The station is Promoting, that’s real urban music.

Save and embrace the culture, do not exploit it! “

What billboard selling artists have said about Bombay Hott Radio:-

Article provided by Poetik Justis

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