[Exposure] EnterViews #1 – Smokey [of M.W.A.]

“Skills are great but with dreams I can get hills to bay
..Who needs the money, I wish my will’s in slate” – Smokey

This Indian rapper needs no introduction. He’s been in it from the start, right back from the Orkut “text-battling” scenarios, to the new and improved M.W.A. take-over of the southside. Following his versatile style of rhyming and his facetious personality, I had the opportunity to interview Him. His new song, “Basketball Story” will be releasing this month end.

Q. So, from “Smokey the Clown” to “Smokey the Ghost”..why the transition? and what do the fans need to know about this new persona?
A. “See, Smokey the Clown was a phase where i was trying to justify to myself about this person whom i miss a lot… I lost my 1st girl to cancer, whom i loved a lot. Thats what ” Return of the Clown ” was all about… After that, i sorta got over all of it. Suddenly, wanted to do Happy stuff. Concious stuff, Silly stuff… Make people laugh… tongue Diss somebody…smileSmokey the Ghost is that side of me thats MAD… Real crazy, a personal alter ego thats a serial killer tryna spread awareness.

Q. Its been a long time since We heard You last, what impact are You looking for in “Basketball Story”? What do You want the fans to expect?
A.Basketball story is Not the average song, not everyone is gonna like it… Its got a deeper side to it than just ” Basketball Story “. Its a play on life…  Here, im inviting listeners to IMAGINE.. Use their creative side, if u put urself in the place of the ” Kid “… Treat Basketball as LIFE ( metaphorically speaking )… The villan in the song as obsticles.. ull see what im talking about… Its got a secret message hidden inside…  Im bringing hip hop back..  Especially Underdogs in this game.. who feel left out n stuff… this is my msg to them..This is me”

Q. Give us insight on Your crew, M.W.A’s upcoming Debut Album “Red + Green = Brown”. Will we see a whole new Smokey persona in the album too?
A. “RED+GREEN=BROWN, there is a reason why we are so quiet about it… BIG COLLABS.. trust me.. Shit goes world wide.. M.W.A got HUGE gigs lined up and its gonna be BIG soon.. I dont wanna break the ice as yet… But all I can say.. shits gonna be HUGE…Smokey the ghost what.. Smokey the what what Ghost”

Q. What is the next big move?
A. “The next big move… After brodha V’s Aathma ramma and my Basketball story… WE GOT ” MAKING OUR MONEY ” and… WE GOT ” WHEN IM GONE ( a collaboration song bywith byzeroproductions )… And another song.. then BOOM… the album will drop early next year!”

Q. A message before signing off.

A. “Get a life ahhahahahhaa”

I love my fans
hopefully girls will scream my name when their boyfriends are doing them one day, wait wtf am I saying…