[Exposure] Mumbai rapper Divine Releases New Video Teaser!

After a 2 month long break from the Indian Hip-Hop scene, Mumbai rapper “Divine” releases the teaser to his new video – “NO HOOK”, and it sure looks more than promising. A whole east-coast ambiance on the beat, and Divine, staying true to his style is spreading street knowledge and wisdom. This song is sure to be the whole package, not to mention Mumbai heavyweight lyricists, Cynical Phantom [formerly known as Kinga Rhymes] and JD [of Mumbai’s Finest] included in this one of a kind underground banger.

When asked on what Divine feels the effect of this song will be, He replies:
“This song is going to be fire. Its about time these rappers stepped their game up.”

For those new to Mumbai Hip Hop… Divine is among the elite Hip Hop artist in Mumbai and he has performed at nearly every night club in Mumbai. That’s saying a lot.

Divine (Vivian Fernandes) is a multi genre MC, ranging from Gospel to Activism. His brand of lyrics and relentless drive to keep Real Hip Hop alive is truly inspiring. Although, there are multitudes of artist in India, only but a handful are staying true to the roots of Hip Hop and not selling out for a quick buck. Anyone can make some money, but Divine is in it to be a Legend.

So, nuff said, below is the link to this fire hot trailer.

“NO HOOK” TEASER – Divine Ft. Cynical P & J.D

Article provided by Poetik Justis

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