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B.B.Z Darney is a Swedish “underground” beatmaker. The shortening in his name means “Boom Bappin’ Zombie”. The Boom Bap stands for the true Hip-Hop and the Zombie for the rugged flavours in his beats. He creates 90’s Hip-Hop styled beats in his own way with a mentality to bring up Original styles, new ideas and thought provoking sounds. He samples different vocals/talk sentences and put them on his productions to give them an acctual theme about anything from Hip-Hop to the universe that surrounds us.

What keeps B.B.Z. Darney inspirated and motivated to keep creating his art in these days and times is the love for true hiphop, which you never see on the radio these days. So his goal when creating beats is to help build up the true essence of Hip-Hop music in the little way he can, as well as just having fun and giving Hip-Hop heads out there something to drool about.

When B.B.Z. Darney is not creating beats he is often doing Graphic jobs as designing logos, often in a Graffiti type of style. He creates
album covers for various artist around the world. He recently designed the Album cover on a newly released underground Hip-Hop album by Emcee “uMaNg” entitled “Lasting Impressions”, where B.B.Z. Darney also stood for all the production work behind the beats.
That album can be reviewed here:

B.B.Z. Darney want’s to drop a big peace to all the peoples out there who have supported him through the years as well as peoples supporting true Hip-Hop, you know who you are!

Q. So how did it all begin for you?
A. Since a kid I had love for Hip-Hop Music and it’s sound. So one day when I grew older I just decided to make a beat myself on the Pc – The rest is history.

Q. What was your first beat machine?
A. The computer, you make the best with what you got.

Q. What programs do you use now?
A. FL Studio 7

Q. When was the first time someone used one of your beats?
A. Well I have only been producing since 2009 but became serious in 2010, so basically 2010 I think.

Q. Were you always into producing or were you a Dj or mc?
A. I have always been into producing, but wouldn’t mind try the Dj stuff out.

Q. Where did you get your passion or drive to be a producer?
A. Keeping It Real! Stomp on these New School Hip-Hop Cats soundwise.

Q. Are you working with any artists now?
A. I’m working on a few records with my homie uMaNg and a dope group entitled Epidemic out in Los Angeles, and many more to be shown soon.

Q. How many tracks do you have under your belt?
A. A lot.

Q. Where are you from?
A. Sweden

Q. Who would you like to work with? Artist and production company?
A. Mobb Deep could holler at me with their 90’s styles.. but word anyone that keeps it tight.

Q. Who would you like to give thanks to for you getting to this point?
A. Hip-Hop.

Q. What should we expect from you in the near future?
A. Anything that resembles REAL hip-hop, but word, keep your eyes up for nice surprises.

Q. Besides yourself who is you favorite producer?
A. Yourself aint my favorite producer so I’ma say B.B.Z. Darney

Yo, to the Epidemic Crew, my old homie Kresh, my homie uMaNg,
And anyone that keeps it real and cant forget about you and your favourite whiteboy WhyTail yo!

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