[Exposure] Tre-eZ Is Stealin' It

Some Explicit Language:

Q.So, how did it all begin for you/what was your first show?
A.It all started for me in high school. Rhyming to the sound of the pencils and fists banging on the lunchroom tables. From the response of my peers, I knew this was something I wanted to do. My first show was at a skating ring called Crystal Palace when I was in high school. It was an event where my guy XP told alot of people to come check me out Casino, Sunshine Boy and myself. It was a pretty nice turn out and I’ve been rocking ever since.

Q.What is your favorite group and solo artist?
A.You may be shocked, but the Beastie Boys was my favorite group coming up. They are mad talented. As for solo artist besides myself, I am rocking with the King of the South TI. When I heard 24’s, I was like who the hell is this cat. Got mad respect for his craft. Wadup big homie!

Q.What was your first song that you dropped?
A.The first song I ever dropped was a track called “Bust My B***” in high school. I was young and reckless then tryna make a club banger, but since then the content of my music has been alot more people friendly.

Q. What were you before a full fledged artist?
A.I was involved in sports heavily. Taking cats to the hoop, school’em in football. But definitely very active in sports.

Q. Who inspired you and pushed you to become an artist?
A.I would have to say the whole Master P no Limit Movement got me inspired and motivated to push to be an artist. Plus, I was pretty good at it.

Q. How many songs do you have completed?
A.Total songs to this day would have to be 100 plus. I have plently to kick back for a while but the grind in me wont allow that. I am recording daily and featuring daily. Just dropped a joint with Rocko Da Don and Gorilla Zoe. I was with the homie Joc when his camp was in town. We spoke on doing a track but we didn’t have time to do it due to conflict in schedules. We will get one in though.

Q.What is your real name?
A.My real name is “Tre-Ez” but for all the political correct people, my government name is Atravis

Q.Where are you from and how is the music scene where you are from?
A.I’m from Memphis TN and the music scene is jumping out here. You have your Yo Gotti, Don Trip, K Michelle, 3 SIX Mafia, Eightball and MJG and a bunch of underground artist doing their thing.

Q.Who would you like to work with?
A.Several artist I would like to work with. TI tops the list, Wayne, Rick Ross, Jay Z, Nas, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa and the list goes on.

Q.What would you tell youngsters trying to break into the business?
A.Keep grinding! This is a business where sleep is limited and you could miss your opportunity at any given moment.

Q. What was your greatest accomplishment?
A.My greatest accomplishment was reaching the cover of magazines with over 50,000 circulating. Becoming president of Toriano Ent. CEO of Celebo Status Ent. Having my face on the Supreme Power Energy Drink Cans and Energy Shots. Having the hottest mixtape in the streets “Fly N Any Weather” which is available for free download either on my website www.tre-ez.com or on indylivemixtapes.com.

Q. Do you think that music with a meaning will emerge again?
A.Absolutely. I am a living witness of it with my mixtape.

Q. If you had one wish, for anything at all in the world, What would you ask for?
A.I would wish that everyone gets a chance to download the mixtape. Its free so take advantage of it. www.tre-ez.com

Q. Any links, media players any song we can highlight right now for you? Any shout outs to anyone?
A.You can find me at www.tre-ez.com, www.torianoent.com
facebook- TreEz
Instagram- TreEz
youtube treeztvnow

I have special shout outs to my brother from another B-Stak. We started this journey. Shout out to Big Beanie for believing in me and what I got going on. He put that extra push behind me. Shout out to the whole Toriano Ent Camp B-Stak, Beanie, Young Boss, Co on Da Tracks, DT Da Takeova, Lady Kodak, Chris T, C Money, J Lyricz, Moet Da Poet, BossMan aka 6’3 Spike Lee, Esaw, Minnie, J Hill, Webbie, and Boss Man Management.. Salute!


TI Back
Steal It
From Da M
I’m Fly
Good Morning Memphis TV Interview

Ralf “BossMan” Golden/ 901-218-4722
Boss Man Management
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    September 30, 2012 1:29 pmPosted 5 years ago

    Great interview with Tre-Ez!! He is a rising Superstar! I love his single Pour up!

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    February 9, 2013 7:26 amPosted 5 years ago

    My big brother tre ez lol at haters love you big homie it tre it tre it tre ez fly grand hustal went for you

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