[Exposure] Taj Harvey – Thesbian in the Making

Taj Harvey is an up an coming young actor. He has been in several plays and prominent rolls in the grassroots theatre and production. On his quest to become a household name, this your man leaves it all on the stage. His performances are unorthodox, yet compelling. Keep an eye out for this young man. Did I also mention he was lead actor in “Savior” the winning submission in 42 Hour Film Festival in Ithaca, New York?

“As Coach John Chaney (Temple University) once said, “Be the Dream,” meaning that improbability is nothing but a false limitation that stands between you and what you strive for most. You must become what you seek. I believe in high regards to what he said and I also believe that as an actor I must always strive to become what I want most. My name is Taj Rasheen Harvey. I am nineteen years old, and as long as I could remember acting has been my love…”

At age 19, Taj Rasheen Harvey is a multi-talented young man, who is passionate about his work. He is a Student Actor, who is relentless in his ambition to be the best of his craft. He is an Amateur Graphics Artist, Filmmaker, Director, and Digital Photographer that utilizes Anime Imagery along with Flash Animation. He is an aspiring Philosophical Song Writer that has written Lyrics to his ideal of what the true beauty of the world really is. He also produces his own music for the video game concept that he is currently creating. Before entering college, Taj has already matriculated quite a few college credits and is currently on his way to sophomore standing at Ithaca College.

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