[Exposure] Craig Morrison has Learned to Climb “Fences”

Craig Morrison’s new song “Fences” is climbing the charts as anticipated as the May 1st single album drop approaches quickly. This well versed motivational song ”Fences” gives everyone a sense of empowerment and inspiration by merely listening to it. “They can box you in, they can keep you out, you can put them up and tear them down, some people hide behind them…  or you can learn to climb “FENCES” Craig Morrison.” Craig is surely climbing “Fences”. He’s taken Central Coast Country Music Festivals Male Artist of the Year Award, and with “Fences” peaking at #5 on the Australian Country Music Charts. He is putting up his own Fence made of stone in Nashville. Congratulations Craig on a great Album.

Craig you have definitely climbed the "Fence" with this song.
                                                        You've touched my



Obstacles are all around us, we have to use them to overcome or to build up…  Music Is Life.


“Fences” Get your copy!!  May 1, 2012  Craig Morrison US debut Album Release …

or Catch him on tour…

May 1 at The Billy Block Show in Nashville, TN

May 21 at The Building in Nashville, TN

June 04 at CMA Global Showcase Party Nashville, TN

June 05-09 at The Sheraton Downtown Nashville, TN






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