[Eternal]: The Blessing of Evolution. Reach For The Future

“The year is past and a new year is ahead of us. There have been resolutions made, promises made and promises kept, but where are you really? Sometimes we take forward moving steps but circumstances make our progression feel like déjà vu. Steady the course. January is gone but February is here. To quote Rev. Frederick Hayes we should “reflect, remember and act”. Reflection on what has brought you this far. We may not have achieved our dreams but we’re not where we were last year. Take a moment to do some self-inventory, “reflect”. Let your past be the fuel that drives you to change, “remember”. Tomorrow is not promised and today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Act. Keep God first, keep moving, don’t let the past be your handicap. Keep living, achieving and believing, in You!”

Contributed By:
Bishop Joy Tallington

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