[Exposure]: The Nearly Deads Are Very Much Alive

Sometimes unexpected things come from unexpected places. When you think of a hot bed for up and coming alternative rock bands, Nashville isn’t exactly what comes to mind; but in the case of The Nearly Deads, they’re making a trend of their own. Formed in early 2010, Nearly Deads founding members Steve Tobi (Guitar),Theresa Jeanne (Vocals/Keys), and Cory Walen (Drums) came together in Tampa. Quickly realizing their local market could only take them so far, they headed north and relocated to Nashville, TN. After months of searching, and several auditions, The Nearly Deads were complete when they discovered Nashville native Brandon Barnes (Guitar) and New Jersey born Kevin Koelsch (Bass).
Never satisfied with wasting time, the Deads immediately went to work writing and recording with producer Jon King (Throwing Gravity, Augustana, Darling Parade) stamping out their very own brand of avant-guard hook laden rock and roll. When the dust had settled, the newly minted Nearly Deads EP captured all the heartfelt emotion, classical color, and a brilliant energy comparable only to the likes of No Doubt and the Smashing Pumpkins.
The bands debut EP “The Nearly Deads” is available on iTunes and at other fine digital music retailers.

Q. So whats everyones name and where is everyone from?
Theresa Jeane – Wichita KS
Steven Tobi – Tampa FL
Cory Walen – Tampa FL
Brandon Barnes – Hendersonville TN
Kevin Koelsch – Leonardo NJ

Q. Where does everyone reside now?
A. We all currently live in Nashveele 10-uh-see

Q. So how long have you guys been together?
A. TJ, Steven and Cory formed The Nearly Deads in December of 2009. Brandon and Kevin joined the band in September of 2011.

Q. How did you all meet?
A. Steven and Cory were in a previous band together called DangerFlight. The singer of their band was friends with TJ and invited her out to DangerFlight’s last show in Tampa; she instantly became friends with Cory and Steven because they are so awesome. Dangerflight had decided to move to Nashville earlier that year and finally made the move in May of 2009. TJ was in a band called Blonds not Bombs and joined them in Nashville later that year with the same interest in advancing her music career. DangerFlight’s singer ended up not working out and so TJ offered to sing for the band. Of coarse she was amazing so the guys asked her to join. Because she was now singing for the band, the sound had changed and so did the direction of the music; hence they agreed it would be best to change the name and start fresh…… or so the legend is told.

Q. How did you come about the groups name?
A. After days of terrible ideas, screaming, crying and hugging TJ found a saying online about Florida; and it goes “Florida is the state for Newly Weds and Nearly Deads”. The Nearly Deads stuck out and felt appropriate because most of us were born and raised there and we all lived there at some point. We are a Nashville based band, but our roots are in Florida. Plus it sounds BADASS!

Q. Where have you played, foreign and domestic?
A. Unfortunately we have yet to leave the country. Touring overseas in Europe, Asia and South America is something we really look forward to; especially since we have so many amazing fans overseas. So far in the US we have mostly played in TN; Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Clarksville and Chattanooga. We have also played in Dewey Beach Delaware, Tampa and Hollywood FL. Now that our CD has been out and our Music Videos are doing so well, we will be focusing on touring this year and writing new music. We are playing in Canada in march at the CanadianMusicFest and are booking a tour around it. Can’t wait!

Q. What big names have you played with or for?
A. Right now we mostly play with local artist like ourselves. We have played with an amazing touring band from California called Warner Drive. They are really awesome dudes and gal and we would love to go on tour with them in the near future.

Q. Are you aspiring for a record deal or would you like to remain indie?
A. The Sky is the limit for us. Our goal is to write great music and have the opportunity to share it with the world. If it lands us a record deal and an arena tour that would be awesome, but if we can tour and make money remaining indie that would be cool too.

Q. How many songs have you under your belt?
A. We have many songs, not all of them worthy of recording though. Right now we have 6 on our EP and about 10 that we play live. But we are always writing and have many more in the works….. stay tuned!

Q. who does the writing or is it a collaboration?
A. It works like a lot of great ideas. It usually starts with one person (TJ or Steven) and after the core structure and melodies are written the song is then brought to the band. From their the whole band will work on the various parts and hack at it until its a gold mine.

Q. When are you releasing an album?
A. Our current album will be 1 year old in March, so there are still a few people out there that need to hear it. Like I said in an earlier question, we are always working on new songs so optimistically we would like to be back in the studio by the end of the year.

Q. If you guys could play for anyone and anywhere in the world, who and where would it be?
A. That is a tough question! There are so many places we would love to play and people we would love to play for. We have amazing fans in Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, the UK, Argentina, Canada, of coarse the U.S. and many I am forgetting. The band does however have a personal goal to one day play at Wembley Stadium.

Q. What advice would you give young aspiring bands ?
A. If you love playing music and traveling, go for it and never give up. Its a tough industry and a lot of it is who you know. But if you work really hard and make an effort to take advantage of every opportunity, you will eventually meet the right people and reach your dream. Also, read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Q. Is there anything you would like to add?
A. If you like our music and are interested in finding out more about us, like us at Facebook.com/thenearlydeads or twitter.com/thenearlydeads. We love talking with our fans/friends and are always happy to answer any questions.

Q. Do you have any shout outs to give?
A. We have an amazing Producer and friend Jon King. If you are looking to do any kind of recording, look him up at Page2Music
Also check out our friends –
Warner Drive
Darling Parade
3 Pill Morning
The Chuck Shaffer Picture Show


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