[Exposure]: D Train Is Leaving The Station

Q. So, how did it all begin for you/what was your first show?
A. It began for me when I was 12 years old in which I only did poetry and then it escalated to hip hop which I made public in 2011. Making it public, I knew that shows would also have to be apart of my journey so I entered in my first performance at the UC Lounge, July 7, 2011.

Q. What is your favorite group and solo artist?
A. My favorite solo artist I would say is Lupe Fiasco hands down because he is such a positive role model. Hip Hop has a lot of artists that promote negativity and nonsense but Lupe always seems to be positive and not only have a point to his music but also to speak his mind and with that said he paints a picture for us to see.

Q. What was your first song that you dropped?
A. My first song dropped is the one tatted on my chest….Dear Hip Hop. Dear Hip Hop is actually a unique song in which is not like other songs, it is a letter that I’m writing to Hip Hop so there is no chorus; just non stop 5 minutes of D-Train speaking his mind.

Q. What were you before a full fledged artist?
A. I was and still am a Poet and proud of it because I think what I was/am is what will make me stand out from the other artists.

Q. Who inspired you and pushed you to become an artist?
A. What inspired me was the fact that I heard others rapping….I knew I could do better and not only do better but make a difference with it in a positive way.

Q. How many songs do you have completed?
A. I have several songs completed but only have 5 songs released to the public as of now

Q. What is your real name?
A. My real name is Dwayne, which stands for the D in D-Train

Q. Where are you from and how is the music scene where you are from?
A. I am from Brooklyn, NY and the music scene is high where I’m from especially since Hip Hop originated in New York.

Q. Where have you traveled to in your life and where would you like to retire?
A. I have traveled to PA, NY, NJ, VA, SC, TX, AR, and NH so far, all within the USA. I have no personal preference of where I’d like to retire but as long as I’m happy then it doesn’t matter.

Q. What’s your favorite food to right music with?
A. I have a sweet tooth so candy is my go to, I like to eat the sour cherries as I’m writing my music.

Q. Who would you like to work with?
A. The artist I would love to work with is Lupe Fiasco hands down again because he is my favorite artists and I’m sure I can learn a lot from him.

Q. What would you tell youngsters trying to break into the business?
A. I would tell all of them to be themselves, do not try to be someone you aren’t. I feel that’s one of the biggest mistakes most artists do because as they say “real recognize real”.

Q. What was your greatest accomplishment?
A. My greatest accomplishment music wise as of now I feel is my song “Life is Hard” in which is a song that explains my life and has been published in several magazines and has also been blogged about and gotten a lot of air play but not only that, I collaborated with a singer named Merethe Soltvedt from Norway who sang the chorus for me.

Q. Do you think that music with a meaning will emerge again?
A. Music originated through meaning and as we all know, history repeats its self so yes.

Q. If you had one wish, for anything at all in the world, What would you ask for?
A. I do this music to help others so as long as I have food, shelter, and water I will continue to help others so I’d say my one wish would be to become a role model for the less fortunate and help them physically, mentally, and financially in any way I can.

Q. Any links, media players any song we can highlight right now for you? Any shout outs to anyone?
A. My official website is www.DTrainOnline.com where I have all webpages listed such as my Facebook “Love You Forever”. I’d like to make a shout out to Frankieyez, Merethe Soltvedt, Jayomega, Scarr Boy, Sha Yeap, Syer, Tom Martinit, DJ Elliot Grinch, EA Kroll Productions, Wayne Management…. The list could go on but I mostly want to thank all those supporting and believing in me.


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