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Narcisse Eva aka Nix DaStunna started producing music in 2009. There after he founded DaStunnaBeatz in 2010 and releases his first Producer Mixtape:
“PLAYGROUND The Mixtape” on July 1st, 2011.

Before his first project ever, DaStunnaBeatz was already recognized as a powerhouse in the music game. Through his high volume and expertise of industry quality productions, he has made a great name for himself. His dedication and commitment to making DaStunnaBeatz a household name is not to far fetched for this young man.

Now DaStunnaBeatz is back at it with his very anticipated 2nd Producer
mixtape “FxCKING FOCUSED The Mixtape”. The mixed tape includes 13 tracks by
various US artists like JC of The Finest, YOUNG DIZZY, JERRY WESS and
7 tracks by various artists from arround the world such as KAMNOUZE,
BLACKAPAR and J-RIO… It’s an international collaboration and Da Stunna is at the head of the table.

Some tracks off the Mixtape: Tracks from the mixtape

More tracks

Teaser: Teaser

Free Download from: dastunnabeatz.com free download

PHONE >> 832 665 1660
WEBSITE >> dastunnabeatz.com
FAN PAGE >> Facebook
TWITTER >> Twitter
YOUTUBE >> Youtube.com

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