[Energy]: Damon Harge, 6th Grade, #1 Guard In The Country

Damon Harge, the pint sized phenom 6th grade basketball player destined for greatness is blazing the hardwood. This kid is like a baby Magic Johnson. I wonder if he knows who Magic is? I mean he’s only 12 years old, 120 pounds and 5ft 4in. He is basically the size of a nice floor lamp, lol. But, he puts it down on the court. John Wall from the Washington Wizards gave him praise, so you know he’s doing something right.

ESPN – “Despite his age, Harge is competing at the high school level in North Carolina, and he’s torching the opposition. A year after getting national attention for dominating any and all middle school comers — he averaged 35 points as a fifth grader playing against student athletes three years older than himself — Harge is now suiting up for Creedmor (N.C.) Christian Faith Center Academy, where he faces off against some of the top prep basketball programs in the county … as a sixth grader.”

My hats off to you Damon. I would just hope to be his competition. Check this out !!!

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