[Eternal]: The Song Of My Soul

As I ponder and pontificate (I like that word), how to approach this writing, I can only do so from my soul. And so, I ask myself, what is the song of my soul? What is this thing that enables me, in spite of it “all.” All of the pain, all of the disappointments, and all of the frustrations as everything seems to morph into one and is “all.” The song of my soul is Hope.

Hope has a tune and a tempo. It has a pitch and creates a sound your soul responds to. Hope goes beyond the natural and defies reality. Hope anticipates and embraces what could be. It expects and waits with baited breath. The sound of hope puts a glimmer in your eye, a smile on your face and laugh in your belly. A song will calm the inward storm.

Hope today, and expect for tomorrow. Prov 13:12

Sometimes the master will calm the storm, but sometimes he will allow the storm to rage, and He calms his child. Maya Angelou.

One with God, one in love.
Latter Rain Ministries

Contributed By:
Bishop Joy Tallington

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