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[Engineered]: Where There Is Fame, There Is Fortune...

Beat Mixed By: Fortune

Q. So how did it all begin for you?
A. Back when I was 15, I would ride the bus to middle school. There was a group of guys who always rapped on the bus. After a few days of listening, I decided to take part. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked.

Q. What was your first beat machine?
A. After the rhyming on the bus for a few months, I decided to get some equipment so I bought my first 4 track tape machine and a Korg beat synthesizer. To this day I still have the tape I made when I was 15.

Q. What programs do you use now?
A. I usually use Logic, Pro Tools or Reason to create my production work.

Q. When was the first time someone used one of your beats?
A. I had friends who always messed around on the beats I made, but the first track I actually sold was to an artist based out of North Carolina named TY.

Q. Were you always into producing or were you a DJ or MC?
A. At first I started rapping. When I turned to producing music it took away from the time I was able to write songs. In turn, I was making money off my beats, but I still have a deep passion for writing.

Q. Where did you get your passion or drive to be a producer?
A. I’m so tired of all the garbage that’s out right now and that drives me to work hard and keep a level of integrity in my work so that I don’t put out lousy music.

Q. What was your first instrument?
A. A Korg Keyboard with all the cheap stock sounds, hahaha.

Q. Did your parents wish you never bought it because of all the noise?
A. At that time I had a situated music space in my room and I never received any complaints.

Q. Are you working with any artists now?
A. Yes, I am. But I finished my first big project with a Gospel act by the name of SBG, the album is called “Rebirth”. I am featured on more than half of the album. This was my first big project as a producer.

Q. What accomplishments have you accumulated?
A. I have worked with a lot artists and gained a lot of experience with the recording and mixing aspect of music as well. One of my biggest accomplishments recently is a song I worked on that gets radio play here in the Bay Area called “She Chose” by Global Ft. J Valentine

Q. How many tracks do you have under your belt?
A. At least 100 solid songs, and that’s me being modest. I don’t really market my music through Sound-Click or other music sites, I usually send snippets to artists I’ve worked with in the past, so it holds more exclusivity.

Q. Where are you from?
A. Born and raised in the Marin County Area, California

Q. What is your production and real name?
A. Fortune aka Jake Lipton

Q. How many years have you been a professional producer, in your estimation and what would make you mark that particular time?
A. I have been producing music for about 5 yrs on and off, but I’ve been working in the industry for more than 7 years. From the moment I sold my first track, which went for $250.00,… my very first beat I ever made, from that point on I’ve considered it part of my profession.

Q. Who would you like to work with? Artist and production company?
A. Eminem, Dr. Dre, T.I, Ludacris,

Q. Who would you like to give thanks to for you getting to this point?
A. My competition for setting the bar high. My family and friends who always pushed me to grind harder and to the artists who have helped me grow.

Q. What should we expect from you in the near future?
A. A lot, not only will you be seeing me on credits for mixing music, but production and writing credits as well. You might even see an album at some point.

Q. Any web links, web pages, and/or shout outs to any one?
A. Facebook 415 Fortune
Twitter 415 Fortune
Youtube 415 Fortune
I’d like to give a shout out to SBG for choosing me out of all the producers he could of worked with for his gospel album. I’d also like to give a shout out to Global for always keeping it real with me and for linking me up with other artists to work with as potential clients.

Q. Besides yourself who is you favorite producer?
A. Well here are 2, one from the new school which is Vybe
and one from the old-school which is Dr. Dre

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