[Emotions]: Forbidden Fruit

Why do I push the boundary?

Just to see how far I can go?

If I tasted this forbidden fruit;

Would anyone have to know?

If I ever break the cardinal rule;

If my chance is ever unearthed,

What purpose would it serve?

Would a taste be truly deserved?

Hidden in the corner of my eye;

A vision that’s yet to be described.

Just to inhale its sweet aroma;

Is a luxury that’s still undefined.

Will I one day come to my senses;

Will it take me a lifetime or a season?

Whatever the case will ultimately be;

They call it “forbidden fruit” for a reason.

Written By: Viola Borden

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to share my work. Appreciate what you do here. Looking forward to future endeavors. Have a Blessed one.

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