[Exposure]: LIngo Is Helping To Re-Open The Industry In New England

Q. So how did it all begin for you?
A. As far as Hip-Hop, I’ve been listening to it since I was in 3rd or 4th grade, early 90’s. I started DJ’ing in middle school, then moved on to producing, free-styling and writing at the end of high school, right before college.

Q. Where are you from?
A. Seekonk, MA

Q. What was the first rap song you ever heard and where were you?
A. Damn, I can’t remember the first rap song I ever heard. I remember some of the first rap casette tapes I had though, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Onyx, NWA, Rakim

Q. What is your favorite rap group?
A. Favorite rap group has to be Gangstarr. Their body of work is incredible and Primo is my favorite producer of all-time.

Q. What was your first song that you dropped?
A. First song that I dropped and got exposure with was “Mic Controller”. It was from my first album ‘Is This Really Happening?’ back in 2000-2001. DJ Buck and Big Stress broke it on the mixshows of HOT 106.3 in Providence and gave it run for about a month.

Q. What were you before a full fledged mc?
A. I was a DJ. Doing parties and high school dances.

Q. Who inspired you and pushed you to become an artist?
A. I was inspired by my father and grandfather. My grandfather was an sax player through the big band era and played with greats like Sammie Davis Jr., the Dorsey brothers, etc… My love of jazz definitely comes from him. My father has been a drummer in bands since he was about 11. Growing up, I would sit on the basement steps and listen to his band, TOGETHER play covers of top 40 and rock hits. I started playing piano when I was about 12, music just runs in the family.

Q. How many songs do you have completed?
A. In the last 3 years, I’ve done a little over 200 songs, so since my career started, my catalogue is well over 500.

Q. What is your real name ?
A. Ryan Fletcher

Q. When did you consider yourself a professional artist?
A. My freshman year of college, I decided I was going to pursue music full time, and live it. I opened a little studio and turned my passsion into my job.

Q. Who would you like to work with?
A. For emcees, it’d have to be Rakim & Jay-Z. Producers DJ Premier and Dr. Dre.

Q. Who have you worked with?
A. I’ve done collabs with Royce Da 5’9 & Crooked I from Slaughterhouse. I’ve produced tracks for Fred the Godson, Saigon, Young Buck, Freeway, Ed O.G, Supersta LT, Dre Robinson and tons of local artists.

Q. What should we expect from you in the future?
A. Right now, I’m building up the Grind Mode Cypher and trying to expand it to new levels. I’ll begin working on my next solo album in the upcoming months. Also, Marshall Law and I plan to do a follow up album to ‘Music is Thicker than Water’ I got a few side projects coming out with Jayo, Ethan Jaymes and DJ Roks as well. Watch for the videos!

Q. What would you tell youngsters trying to break into the business?
A. Nothing happens overnight. You need hardwork, dedication and persistence. You need to be willing to do it full time and live it everyday. If you stick with it, you will be able to make a living through music in some capacity. Don’t limit yourself to thinking it has to be superstardom or nothing.

Q. What was your most memorable show and why?
A. Most memorable show is from this past December, opening up for Wu-Tang at Lupo’s in Providence. Sold out packed house, 2000+ people and they were true hip-hop fans. The majority hadn’t heard my music before but they showed the most love and rocked out with me.

Q. What would be your dream performance?
A. Dream performance would be my father on the drums, Adam Levine from Maroon 5 singing back up, Kamal from the Roots on the keys, DJ Premier on the mpc, and DJ Babu on the cuts at Madison Square Garden and every other venue on the tour. HA!!!

Q. How do you feel about the Hip Hop vs. Rap situation and the Rapper vs. Mc (Master of Ceremonies) stand off?
A. Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live. Anybody can be a rapper, but not every rapper can move the crowd.

Q. What gave you the idea to do the cyphers?
A. Obviously, everybody had seen the BET cyphers during the awards shows. I felt it was time to showcase local talent. You may have never heard of us, but the cyphers are still as impressive as watchin your favorite artists spittin.

Q. If you had one wish, for anything at all in the world, What would you ask for?
A. I would just ask to be able to continue living my dream.

Q. Any links, media players any song we can highlight right now for you? Any shout outs to anyone?
A. Check out my latest album with Marshall Law ‘ Music is Thicker than Water’ on iTunes

Check out all my videos on:

and you can hear more music at

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