[Etiquette]: Urban Flats Restaurant – Great Food, Great Time!!!

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This wonderful gem of a restaurant is neatly nestled at the entrance of a mini entertainment metroplex in Lindbergh Square, Atlanta, Georgia. “Location is everything”, there is much to do in this area, but Urban Flats stands out clearly.

The decor of the restaurant is that of a nouveau bistro. Plush lounge hightop seating, semi-circle marble top bar and laid back ambience orchestrated by the soft music and dimly light exotic lighting.

Urban Flats serves plentiful pallet pleasing tapas cuisine. I started with a Caesar salad, dabbled in Chicken Potstickers, and finished with a Parmesan Crusted Tilapia. My associate enjoyed the Steak Bistro with an Arugula based salad with a medley of oil and vinegar spritz. The portions were a little bit bigger than average Tapas food and the price was adequate. The assortments of flatbreads and the rest of the menu look and sound fantastic.

As I sit bar side, I am watching the bartender pour Chianti out of what looks like a beer tap, but for wine. Most people would think the wine was being pumped from boxes, as I did, oh so many years ago. This wine tap is called a Cuvee, which pumps nitrous oxide into the bottles to keep the wine fresh and assist in the pumping. This is a $23,000 system, which automatically tells me, they care very much about their wine selection.

They carry a wide range of vintage grape heritage. I was a fan of Trivento Malbec ‘Select’ 2010 Mendoza Argentina, before my eyes were opened to Cigar Box Malbec Reserve Mendoza, Argentina 2009.
They also carry:
Cult Pinot Noir $100 a bottle
Quintessa Rutherford 2007 Napa Valley
Great Wines!!!

Thank you Gene, a bartender at Urban Flats who gave me a mini wine tasting. I will be returning with friends on a regular basis.
Especially for Wine Down Wednesdays, It’s off the chain!!!
To Mike Tart, appreciate the love…

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