[Expressions] Tree Sound & José Cuervo Platino Present : Urban Couture Fashion Show

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Well, I jumped in my car and started the trepid journey to Norcross, Georgia for the Tree Sound Fashion Show. I swear, if you ever pulled the blanket over your head and all you could see was little beacons of light, you would know how it feels to drive through rainy Georgia. I say this because after an hour and a half in that rain and traffic, the fashion show had better been the second coming of Christ.

So, I made it to Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and I’m looking for the street numbers. I see parking areas and attendants everywhere, but no building. I finally pull pass some tall bushes baracading the view of a building numbered 4610 and what do I see? An apartment building. Now, I’m wondering, do I have the right place or is it in someones apartment? The place is so big, it looked like a three story apartment building. I parked, proceeded to the front door and there is a call box. I am buzzed in and to my relief, there is a reception desk. I am escorted to the waiting area and I couldn’t help but notice all the gold and platinum plaques. They were lacing the wall like someone grabbed a paint brush, slapped it on the wall and ran down the hallway. Why the plaques you may ask? Well, Tree Sound is a full fledge music recording studio and apparently, very good at what they do.

The waiting area was set up simply enough. There were a few vendors displaying their original creations. A mini bar with great margaritas and beer had everyones spirits lifted. A wonderful complimentary dinner was catered to all guests and the ambience was simply elegant.

As I looked around the room their was an ere of eliteness. Basically, a virtual whose who in the Atlanta entertainment and fashion business. The crowd on a whole, was a lot younger than I anticipated. I think fashion, I’m thinking older cats with snobby attitudes with stories of traveling abroad and witnessing the greatest designer creations known to man. This however was rather laid back and casual. The youth brought a great variety of style and fashion to the gathering. It was very lively.

When it was time for the show to begin, we were ushered into the stage area. The runway was about twenty feet and it was standing room only. The decor was that of a tropical winter wonderland. I know…, but that’s the best way to describe it. As everyone gathered, anticipation was building. The MC came out and got the crowd right and then the music started.

Musical artists hit the stage and each of them performed a song from their own upcoming album. Then each artist performed a second song, which set the mood for the models to sashay down the runway. Since the models were in the mood, they walked, strut, twisted and turned to the Pied Piper like live performance each artist provided. It was a great showing and the models were doing their thing.

There were performances from CyHi The Prynce, Laws & Nikkiya. The house was filled with talent. Yellawolf (Signed to Shady Redords), Rodney Perry (comedian/actor), Will Power (Superhotbeats), Fort Knox (One of Atlanta’s favorite MC’s), Green Lantern (incredible DJ), the list goes on and on…

As the chow came to an end, everyone left calmly and collected. The kitchen reopened for anyone who wanted a snack before getting on the road. Their was an after show meet and greet with everyone who stayed, and hand shakes and hugs to those who left. It was an extremely peaceful night.

The evening was a conception of the woman in charged and hosted by Mali Hunter (Three Girls & A Mic “Good Girl Extraordinaire”). Whom I would like to express gratitude, for such a great evening. Tree Sound Studios is truly one of Georgia’s best studios and I would recommend them to anyone.

Tree Sound Studios & José Cuervo Platino Present… Urban Couture: A Fashion Fair & Runway Event from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

Photos by: William Nelson, Arranged by: Chuck Francis

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Outfits Designed by:
Honor Roll
Designs By Rodney
and alot more…

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