[Extreme] Welcoming Extreme Sports 7 yr old Schaeffer McLean

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Bristol native Schaeffer McLean has been skateboarding since he was 3 years old. In 2010 the now 7 year old Schaeffer Mclean won a competition being voted to be one of the Robinsons Fruitshoot Juice Crew members. Schaeffer McLean character is Switchfoot Schaeffer the Skateboarder.

Schaeffer says he practices everyday but of course, not in the rain. His favorite part about skateboarding is doing tricks. Watch Schaeffer McLean do his thing. Then hit him up on facebook and like his page.


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  1. Always love your vids. Keep skating and just have fun doing it and not worry about people wanting you to do kickflips etc. Do what you want not what somebody else thinks

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