[Epinions]: What Happened To The MTV Video Music Awards 2011?

Sooo, I watched the MTV Video Music Awards 2011 and I must say it really wasn’t worth missing out on a good night’s sleep. I won’t do the classic, “Good, Bad, and Ugly”. Truthfully, the whole MTV Video Music Awards 2011 was pretty bad. Music awards shows just aren’t what they used to be back when I was a teen. Then again, maybe I’m just no longer a part of the target demographic, so I just don’t get them anymore. Either way, I wasn’t impressed.

However, there were a few bright spots at the MTV Video Music Awards 2011, and I’m not talking about Beyonce and her baby or Lady GaGa and her alter ego. This will be the 1st and last time I mention either of them (I’m so over it all).

The biggest highlight in the MTV Video Music Awards 2011 for me was the Amy Winehose tribute. Bruno Mars did an awesome doo-wopish version of “Valerie”. This was the song I first heard when introduced to Amy Winehouse’s music (It was an acoustic version and it sent chills down my spine). She had an amazing voice and Russell Brand (who was super tanned for a Brit) reminded us all of how her talent was at odds with her appearance and afflictions. I so hoped she would make a comeback. Amy will be missed.
In her absence, we are left with another amazing voice from the UK- my second highlight of the night. ADELE! This chick is the TRUTH! I’m not really sure why she’s categorized as a Pop artist, but my guess is because R&B is reserved for “sistas” and Tina Marie (lol). I really liked her performance of “Someone Like You”, but would have preferred “He Won’t Go” (both off her latest release “21”).

From here the MTV Video Music Awards 2011 highlights get dimmer. Chris Brown’s performance was very energetic and could even be described as interesting, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was good. Now, I’m all for C. Breezy and his team, but all that flying around was a little annoying. Then we’ve got the Kanye and Jay-Z, “Otis” performance. That song is totally my JAM, but only because of the Otis Redding hook. I mean, who really knows what either Jay or Ye are saying??? As the lights dim on the bright spot of the VMAs, I have to sneak in the performance after Britney Spears was presented the Michael Jackson Music Vanguard Award. Those kids were too darn cute! I’m also compelled to mention that ol’ Brit Brit is starting to show a lil age.

The rest of the MTV Video Music Awards 2011 was dull and not really all that noteworthy. Oh! But wait! I forgot about the fashions (I’ll keep this short). Nicki Minaj- a hot bubbly mess! One of my tweeps said she looked like a bunch of blind, preschool kids dressed her.

Jay Z- looked like the quintessential NY dude in his Tims, white-t, and snapback. If he wasn’t so old and unattractive he might have been cute. Katie Perry- her pink hair was cute (in a Wanda from the cartoon “Fairly Odd Parents” kinda way). Lil Wayne- leopard?! Really????

Well, that’s all for MTV Video Music Awards 2011. If you’re interested in who won what- this isn’t the write up for you. Check out the MTV website, they’ve got all the categories, nominees, and winners. That’s not my thing. 😛

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True Floozy

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