[Epinions]: Jill Scott Concert ATL 8/19/2011

The anticipation of Jill Scott’s concert was killing me, but not nearly as quick as I was dying from sitting in sluggish Atlanta traffic and cooking in 100 degree heat. As I inched toward the show at Chastain Amphitheater the blinking red break lights foreshadowed the brilliant spectacle awaiting at The Budweiser Superfest featuring Anthony Hamilton and Jill Scott.

The traffic caused me to miss the first 30 minutes of the show, including Mint Condition. Friends who were already seated told me that the Mint Condition performance was very good; Though brief (only 2 or 3 songs). These friends had left home an hour before I did and had also scoped a neighborhood mere blocks from the park that was renting out their yards and driveways as a parking lot. Shoutout!!! to that neighborhood and their spirit of entrepreneurship! I parked in some lady’s driveway ($15) and her neighbor gave me a lift to the park in her golf cart (tips only).

As we rolled up to the park I could hear Dougie Fresh amping up the crowd. I arrived at my seat just as Anthony Hamilton hit the stage. He sang as I unpacked my goodies and settled in with some Sangria (Mmmm! Yummy!). Anthony was getting into his groove and started to take us to church, my traffic frazzled nerves relaxed and I dug into my food. He went from spending his time Praying For You into a gospel set that clearly demonstrated his gospel acuity and salvation. He brought it on home to the South with his rendition of “Work It Out” accentuated with a lil jig. Once he finished getting his praise on and eliciting choruses of “Alright Now!!!” and “Sang Boy!!!” from the audience he went on back to his R&B selections. By the time he got to Charlene, I was in love with Anthony Hamilton and had an all new respect for a man wearing all white (I generally frown on a man wearing all white if he ain’t at a White Party). Now I will also admit that when I first saw him come out on stage in his hat, jacket and such, I wondered how he was going to keep from passing out. (It was 90something⁰ and humid enough to have me sweating in places that I shouldn’t be while fully clothed. *wink*) However, as the show went on, he peeled off some of those layers and then I started to wonder how it was that his white pants weren’t soaked through like his shirt. But I digress.

On to the Dougie Fresh and DJ Jazzy Jeff set that kept the crowd Absolutely ROCKIN! Jazzy got the crowd up on our feet with a blazin’ Michael Jackson mix and Dougie hit the stage. The Human Beat Box took to the stage and commanded the audience’s undivided attention. 6 Minutes, 6 Minutes, 6 Minutes, ATL You’re On!!!! My hands were in the air and I was going back down memory lane. I did the Whop, the Running Man and the Smurf with Dougie (and the guy next to me in the crowd). I recited lyrics to songs that honestly I’m not really old enough to remember. But who doesn’t know Hip-Hop classics like The Show??? Mr. Fresh then rounded it all out and taught us How To Dougie (several variations of it too). LOL!!! I was very impressed with his level of agility and the way he rocked the crowd (he’s got to be pushing 50). I’d heard that he was good, but now I’m a believer!

Then just after full darkness set in- out came Ms. Jill Scott. She brought it for the grown, voluptuous and sexy!!! That chick looked AMAZING! Her natural hair styled to stay perfectly coiffed in the Atlanta heat, a sparkling, figure-flattering sheath and heels. I loved Jill Scott’s look from head to toe. She performed her jazzy, spoken word cut “Quick”, and all I could think was “Yes ma’am! Tell it, Girl!” Jill Scott is one soulful, jazz-filled sister. Her riffs and ad-libs showcase a unique talent and seemed to roll out from within her effortlessly. Jill Scott’s duet w/ Anthony Hamilton on “So in Love with You” sounded just like the radio. Her band was awesome and her percussion section did their Damn Thang! I watched the people around me as the women in the crowd belted out the lyrics along with Jill Scott and the men mellowed and just let the mood set in. There was even a couple one row in front of me stepping to her hits. As Jill Scott wrapped up the show with her oldies, but goodies like Long ‘Walk’ and ‘Golden’, I was an all-out fan and had vowed to download all her music (from legal sites that will pay her for her work).

All in all, the Budweiser Superfest here in Atlanta was an EXCELLENT show!I just wish Atlanta’s traffic didn’t suck like ALL HELL! UGH! I missed Mint Condition.

Written by:
True Floozy

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