[Exposure] Shot Shellz Production

The Trinidad born C.E.O. Big Spree is one of the most hard working Hip Hop moguls in the Caribbean. He migrated to New York at age 4 where he resided in South Side Jamaica Queens. Notably his love for Hip Hop increased immensely via influences from rap artists like RUN DMC, LL Cool J, Nas, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep and other Queens natives.

Upon departing New York, Spree returned to his home land of Trinidad & Tobago, with a burning passion for Hip Hop music. After competing in a freestyle battle at a block party he realized he possessed a unique style and powerful delivery. His performance engulfed his competitors and listeners alike. Since then he opened his own studio Shot Shellz Productions. He has since produced songs such as ‘Flossin’, ‘Drunk’ and ‘Parental Advisory Bitch’ which was a highly controversial D.V.D that brought considerable attention in the entertainment industry.

Presently Big Spree has one of the hottest hip hop songs in the Caribbean ‘Do It Like This’ which is presently dominating the airwaves. He also has two other songs on the airwaves in which he has featured artists namely Smooth-T on ‘HARD WORK’ and Nemesis on ‘My Homies’. His symmetry of work makes him a force to be recognized. His skills range from rapping, song writing, video directing/editing, beat producing, graphic design, etc…. Spree has elevated in the entertainment industry and with his work ethic there is no doubt he will shine.

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