Elegance: Ashley Martin

Ashley Martin on a mission and heading in the right direction. Blazing trails as an Independent Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Aspiring Actress and Model, Ashley Martin recently completed a new CD. Born on January 20, 1987 in Newark Delaware, the daughter of a minister, Ashley began singing gospel when she was six years old. Early and middle childhood was spent on the Eastern Shores performing in pageants and singing in high school talent shows. During college years, Ashley remained on the entertainment stage while focusing on achieving her first degree.
On December 13, 2008 she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with minor in General Business. Ashley then enrolled in graduate school at Mountain State University.
Ashley is currently pursuing a singing/acting/ modeling career. “My ultimate goal is to become a renowned solo artist. As of now I am seeking opportunities that will allow me to gain experience in performing it could be from; bands, solo gigs, modeling; video production, hair, make-up, films shows advertisments, clothing .etc. background singer, and other revenues that lead toward my ultimate goal and to meet new people”. She has the passion and the will power to succeed.


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